To my fellow ThriveGlobal readers. Passionately dedicated to self-care and curation of your lives. I want to share with you this precautionary fact based on my own recent personal and professional experience.

Here is a new idea. Yes, one that has not had a great deal of press. Which is precisely why I wanted to share this with you. Various medical communities are quietly discussing. Musing as to how to bring this important and timely fact to our attention.

Why would we want to have physical therapy before we are hurt, have an accident, deterioration or much worse.

Here is why this idea can be transformational for your well-being going forward.

Physical therapy has been prudently known as an adjunct to help once we have a problem.

Many of us on our own and or with trainers have stretching routines. Exercising in knowledgeable and wise ways. Innocently, doing short and long-term damage unbeknownst everyone. How can this be!!!

We are passionately doing time tested, prudent and honored stretches. Yet, the medical community has been seeing the following problems and this is why I wanted to share with you.

Doctors are frequently seeing that we are doing stretches and exercises that are naively counter intuitive to what our body needs to be limber, flexible and thrive.

For example. Stretching forward or backwards depending on your spine structure can do sever damage to discs, tendons in your legs and more.

As a result of the damage being widespread under the best of intentions. The medical community will be shortly sharing this idea to meet with a physical therapist to compliment your well-being.

The idea is to meet with a physical therapist once a month, or a quarter – up to you. This is to educate, compliment and help you with every other modality you are incorporating into you your presentational routine.

To see the physical therapist infrequently is the point. As you know. All too many professionals want to create a co-dependent relationship. This is just the opposite. 


  • Lisa Krohn

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