Pi OF Life

The Pi of Life – a factor which is as constant as it is infinite. In my quest to lead a stress-free, happy, joyful and loving life, I have learnt slowly but surely that there are some key things that are important as we lead this physical existence. Important –for this physical existence. These theories can be discarded as sham or accepted with faith, to improve our quality of life. This post is an amalgamation of reading ancient texts, listening to modern thought leaders and my own interpretation. My quest is in no way complete and I don’t claim to know all the aspects of this transcendental factor but I will keep moving in that direction. I will keep pondering and reading. I feel that professionals of today, with all the pressure of meeting deadlines, being compared to peers or colleagues and keeping pace with technology need to be aware of this factor more than ever. Although this article originally started as a personal revelation, I am making this note public with the intention that it might help others who are on the brink of this realization but need a little more introspection and feedback. If it can even remotely make sense, and help someone in that direction, I will feel happy about it.

Being from a technology and data background, I love diagrams and this is my version of how I perceive the Pi of life – the central piece (in yellow) represents its constant attribute and the outer yellow circle represents its infinite attribute.

I will explain this diagram step by step, which might make it easier to understand. This might also be a way to introduce some of these heavy concepts to our younger generation. I think our younger generation should have a way to understand this factor early in life to give them a head-start. To some it comes naturally, but others may need to imbibe it. Personally I wish I could have imbibed these philosophies earlier. But as they say – there is a time and place for everything.

So where do we start – Lets say what are we? We are a source of energy – pure and powerful – radiating out.

This energy embodies our 5 senses – touch, speech, sight, taste and smell that represent our physical self and communicate with external environment.

At the center of our energy is our mind that governs our senses on how to communicate and respond to external stimuli.

Beyond our physical self, we are continuously connected to other living forms, through our energy– plants, people and animals forming an intricate network of connected energies.

And ultimately all these energies, including us are connected to the supreme energy, the infinite cosmos or whatever name we give it.

So how do we achieve what we want in this infinite ecosystem? The cosmos has given us all the tools to achieve what we want. They are within us. All we have to do is find time to connect to our inner self, our inner energy and ultimately to the infinite cosmos. We just have to feel it, be aware of it and act on it. The answers lie within us.

If we remove all the definitions of physical achievements, what is it that everyone desires in the end? It is probably a handful of all or some of these things

To be happy

To be loved

To find our purpose/passion and follow it

To be able to help others or touch the lives of others in a meaningful way

To find this path that leads us where we want to go we have to first make a connection between our mind and our inner self (the part in yellow below). We have to make sure the mind is able to pass the right signals or messages to our source energy and then receive the guidance and signals we seek, back from that energy and its origin. This is the Pi of Life – constant and infinite.

But how do you make this connection, how do we keep this connection. It comes with detachment, practice and belief. Detachment not in the sense of leading an austere life, but detachment in the sense of not being affected by external stimuli. Detachment in the sense of blocking out anger, jealousy, ego, fear, sorrow, grief. Not letting these overwhelming emotions affect and cloud your thinking.

There are tools and ways by which we can start practicing this and making that clean and faithful connection with our inner self.

Meditation –by being calm and silent and focusing on our inner self we can start sending and receiving meaningful signals thereby making a strong connection with our source energy. By affirming belief in ourselves, we are sending signals to that source energy that we are ready to accept the guidance and love we deserve.

Selfless service – Connecting to positive energies around us without expecting a physical reward but reveling in the love and happiness this service brings to our inner self.

Knowledge – Improving our knowledge and awareness about our true self, expanding our thoughts to learn and know more about who we are.

Acknowledge the presence of a supreme force/energy to which we are connected, to which everyone is connected. It doesn’t matter the form or figure.

These are the different forms of yoga (a skill in action) as described in ancient texts. Once we start practicing these skills, our mind gets tuned in to messages from our source energy and the cosmos. It begins working in that direction and helps tune our physical senses and physical world in that direction.

All of these in some mixture or proportion can help clear unnecessary noise from our life and make a strong connection with our inner self thereby bringing our focus back to who we are and what we really want to achieve.

I am sure this is easier said than done but I believe the sooner we realize the presence of this constant in our existence, the sooner we can start being at peace with ourselves and believing in our true potential.