“Just be yourself”

I remember feeling different in high school. Liking different games, different clothes… definitely not fitting with the rest of the boys in a little public school in the middle of Spain. I remember trying so hard to speak, act and behave in a different way so I could be a little more invisible, a little more like the rest.
It did work for a while but I would always end up showing my true colors no matter what.
The older I got, the more I stubborn and hesitant to change my ways, and once high school was done a new wave of people showed up in front of my eyes, where no one had to fit in one specific category. Where you could be your true self and thrive in any situation just by being transparent.

Fast forward 13 years I know that all those differences that once made me so self-conscious and scared are precisely the key qualities that have made me who I am today and have attracted incredibly talented and genuine people to my life.

Today there is a lot more diversity in younger generations like high school students and there is representation in the media of all the different colors of the rainbow, which is so important in kids that are trying to find themselves.
The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt so far is that if you stick to your gut and trust your instincts, nothing can go wrong.