It is extremely important to teach students about how to handle life before we force them to study so many things that they will never EVER use in life like calculus and history. 

This is becoming more and more evident in the recent times where a lot of people are mentally breaking down in lockdown and not being able to connect emotionally with anyone and the increased cases of Depressions. 

This COVID 19 pandemic is an amazing test for all of us emotionally mentally and spiritually. A lot of us realized that we are not even comfortable being alone with our own thoughts. A lot of things we learnt about life was tossed right out the window with the new pandemic rules. It’s been really hard on us all. Right? 

So said before our education system fails to do something that’s more important than academics : To learn to deal with the obstacles that life throws at us in a emotionally and mentally mature way 

So heres some pieces of wisdom that students needs to learn early in life:


This might be very shocking because everyone asks a child to dream. And it’s perfectly okay to dream but a lot of people forget to live in the present. 

There are so many misinterpretations when it comes to this idea of goals and dreams. I used to think that once I reach these “certain goals” Life would be good. I will be happy. 

But the truth is, life is not about these destinations and success only makes us happy temporarily.

Don’t live for the destination but live for the journey. 

Happiness is a state of mind and is not a destination. Don’t seek happiness. 

Let’s say you aspire to study abroad in Europe in a specific course of your choice. Now the idea of studying abroad is exciting but you need to prepare for the IELTS or the SATs and it might take a year or so to get there. And it’s important that you be here in the present taking life fully. 

I have seen alot of people sacrificing everything in their present for a better future. .That’s not fine. The biggest failure in life is to lose yourself. Working hard is fine but don’t lose yourself in the process. 


Teenagers these days have alot of trouble process the loss of their friends/family/lovers. But we adults are pretty used to the fact that “Not everyone we like and adore stays”

The real nature of human beings is kind of hidden from children and teenagers. Everyone wants to protect them from this world but trust me, it’s better to teach them rather than letting them realize and process the grief. 


I guess we can agree when I say that there is a lot of hate and arrogance and bullying going around the younger generations. People are constantly pissed off or angry about one thing or another. 

And it’s mostly because of the fact that we don’t always get what we want. Things don’t always turn out the way we want it to be. And it’s okay. It’s not always about getting what we want. Life is mostly about giving. 

Contribution can make a person happier than getting something we desire. Try giving and look how the world changes

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