Pieter Petros stepped into the world on June 16, 1988, in Antwerp, Belgium and is a Dubai-based creative fashion designer. Having accomplished a lot in the designing industry in less time, he is all set to achieve another triumph by making solar textile plants around the world. Being skilled in designing, he is of the view that creating an appropriate theme is a vital part of the designing process. Also, he affirms that individuals must take care of Mother Nature and the sun is the most powerful tool which can enlighten the world with its natural light. Likewise, he considers natural light as an important factor for manufacturing as well as the logistic process of any clothing company. Additionally, he wants to transform the world into an exquisite self-sustainable bliss.

He began his career in 2016 and achieved a lot such as PIETER PETROS ®, World Love®, and PP Collection. His designing process is unique as compared to other designers as he gives preference to sustainability. Moreover, his superior outfits for clients are made up of natural and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, silk, linen, cotton, wool, and Bemberg. Also, clothes such as t-shirts designed by him depict positive vibes and thus inspire people around the world. Having sheer dedication towards the fashion industry, he is willing to co-operate with celebrities of the Indian film industry to aware masses about sustainability and its impact on the world.

Having thought of saving and protecting the environment, PIETERPETROS Group is coming up with a matchless idea of SOLAR TEXTILE PLANTS around the Globe. The PIETER PETROS Institute will grow plants like linen, cotton and will manufacture the yarn, fabrics, and clothes on solar energy with a modified solar installation. Also, he affirms that SOLAR energy plants do not produce any type of pollution and greenhouse gasses. The first pilot project of the SOLAR TEXTILE PLANTS in India is anticipated to start at the end of 2019. Moreover, Pieter Petros is pleased to invite investors to join this amazing project and set a beautiful example for the textile industry. Besides, The PIETER PETROS Institute helps with research and development of sustainable materials which are not yet available in the market. Having recognition worldwide and being an elite member of the Solar Business Club, he has acquired valuable knowledge and has strong connections to make this initiative a great success. Last but not least, he has several rewards under his name like inspiring Fashion Icon and is recognized by Miami Yacht week as well as by celebrities.