Pivotal Life Change How A Single Shock Moment Renewed My Self-Esteem

Life change is something that has roller-coasted through my life for a long time. It is also something which I have helped a lot of people with. I knew I had brought benefit and helped people with life change and creating happy joyful lives, though much as I knew it, when I hit rock bottom earlier this year it also totally escaped me.

For various reasons my life was just falling apart around me. I had spent years investing in a relationship and a family, that I thought I would be with for life. Though everything was just circling the drain, and disappearing. For a master practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy, who also taught meditation, and practised with all these techniques, along with ho’oponopono daily, I was shocked at how my life had taken such a crazy turn.

My faith in the world had been shattered. Emotionally and mentally I was in a shockingly bad place. And I was struggling to find reason to carry on each day. I had been through challenges in my life. This was rock bottom, and I was wondering if I had the strength to change my life in any way that would see me climbing out of the mess my life had become.

Which is saying something, because I had overcome so much before.

The truth of it partially was that I was tired of lifting myself up, and pushing to overcome situations. I just seemed to attract more that needed to be overcome. Every life change, just leading to a need for more life change.

I was tired, and saw little value in what I could bring to the world.

The Moment That Changed My Life With A Micro Interaction I Will Forever Be Grateful For

Before this moment we had been friends, though perhaps closer to the acquaintance side of friends than that of close friends. We had chatted a reasonable amount, but that was many years back, and a great deal of time had passed, years, since last talking properly.

Yet there, among all the craziness that my life had become. With rock bottom low self-esteem, and wondering whether I actually had any value to yield to the world, because it sure seemed like I didn’t.

This old friend reached out, without prompt.

Giving thanks for how much I had helped them during an intense time of challenge in their life. Saying about how that had shaped their life, and how they were grateful.

I was floored.

This was a wake-up for me.

I did have value. I was a good person which the world had positive use for, I was appreciated.

Connecting Across The Oceans Via Social Media Can Be As Powerful As Connecting Face-To-Face

All of this happened via social media too. Which perhaps is why it had such an impact on me. A message that was short, straight to the point, and there in front of me in an instant. I had mostly turned on my PC for work, and when that message dropped on me, I was moved to tears.

A shock re-alignment of my value ensued. Something which had me taking on the belief that life was something I should be continuing on with.

It was a crazy time. In various ways some of it is still quite hazy. The stress, even with lots of daily meditation and ho’oponopono was insane, but then living in an abusive environment for years can build to that effect.

What mattered though, was this signal, coming from the universe, that sticking around would be good. Because there was purpose for me, and I did have positive impact.

Evidence Mounts In An Ever More Life Changing Manner

Something very beautiful happened after that message arrived, and the realization came through my mind that life was worth living.

A flood of messages came through, some from good friends, others from old acquaintances whom I had heard nothing from in years, decades even. Though all around the same theme message-wise.

They were all grateful for things I had done, help I had yielded, how I was as a person. That I was a good person, loved and perceived as being of value to the world.

The mounting evidence and testimony really shook me, in a good way.

The contrasting thing being, people were thanking me for working I had done in coaching and teaching them, yes. Moreover they were also thanking me for how I was as a person. Things that I just naturally do, just believing that that is how you live your life, you pitch in and help, give your best to others, be kind, be helpful, wherever possible.

Yet these were things that had people perceiving me as extraordinary.

It was a real paradigm shift for me, raising an understanding that at heart I truly am good, that people do care about me, that people love having me around, for who I am.

Self-Love And Self-Esteem Catalyzed Back Into Being From That Pivotal Moment

While doing self-coaching, meditating and understanding you have a part to play in the world, is all good. It can leave you wondering what your part is. There is also the aspect that as people, we do in general have a desire to be loved and appreciated. Some of the most wonderful people go through life unappreciated for what they do for the world, people only saying something when it is close to the end, or even too late.

The shock realization from a friend with whom I had had little contact was an incredible catalyst for me. And, with the evidence that then flowed through, it was like I had a group of amazing coaches lifting me up. It felt like I was surrounded by angels. It changed my life in an instant, it will forever be with me, and I am forever grateful.


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