One of the most amazing places to have a vacation in is Dubai. World-record breaking architecture, logic-defying attractions, international festivals and a luxurious lifestyle is what awaits all tourists in Dubai. Honeymoon, family vacation or a solo trip, whatever you are looking for can be had in Dubai. However, planning a vacation can be a hassle. So, here are 5 easy steps to plan a great Dubai vacation.

Make an Itinerary

Make a list of places you want to see, and things you want to do in Dubai. Though seeing everything may not be possible, but there are some places that have to be in your itinerary. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Frame, Jumeirah Mosque, Heritage City, Desert Safari, Ski Dubai, and Dhow Cruise are some of the must-do things in Dubai. So, make a clear list as your first step for a Dubai vacation.

Get Your Dubai Visa

First check if your country’s citizens qualify for a visa on arrival. If you are eligible, you can easily get your  Dubai visa at immigration once you land in Dubai. If not, apply for your visa online. Be sure that you follow instructions to the letter as many visa applications get rejected. To be on the safer side, hire the services of professional visa agencies who will guide you perfectly regarding your documents, application process, and get the job done. The visas you can apply for are 7 Days Visa, 14 Days Visa, 30 Days Visa, 90 Days Visa, 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa and 90 Days Multiple Entry Visas.

Hire a Travel Company

Dubai is jam-packed with tourists all-year-round. So, if you think you can buy passes and book tickets for your favourite places once you are in Dubai, you are mistaken. It’s better to have the services of a professional company who will plan every day of your vacation. Just provide them with your desired itinerary, and they will arrange it all at the best prices. They also arrange for transportation.

Educate Yourself on the Rules & Regulations

Though Dubai is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world, it dearly holds on to its Islamic identity. Therefore, there are a few ‘Dos & Don’ts’ that you have to keep in mind. Just read up on them online, and follow them to have a hassle-free vacation in Dubai.

Read up on Import Laws

No matter how much you convince yourself that you won’t shop in Dubai, it is not going to work. You will, eventually, end up shopping at the many wonderful malls, beautiful bazaars and traditional souks. Therefore, be sure about the import rules of your country. Else, your stuff might get confiscated at the airport, or you may have to pay heavy fines. This happens mostly in the case of gold, as gold is quite cheap in Dubai, and is one of the most shopped products in Dubai.

Buy your tickets and follow these steps to enjoy the best of what Dubai has to offer. See you there!