Thriving for the past 33 years, Dan has what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

In a world where most people are afraid to take risks, Dan Trinidad stands up and shines with a passion and zeal that inspires others to greatness. As a successful entrepreneur, he is a leader who consistently puts faith in his ideas, isn’t afraid to take calculated risks, and strives to create his vision.

Dan Trinidad is the founder of Partners Mortgage in San Jose, California. Dan once worked as a loan officer for Savings & Loan in the Bay Area of Northern California. In October of 1988 Partners Mortgage was born. Dan saw the collapse of the Savings and Loan industry as an opportunity to create an upscale mortgage brokerage firm that offered unparalleled support as well as exceptional benefits. 

Dan’s key focus as an entrepreneur is “to build a better mousetrap”, as he says. His aim was to use his energy and passion to create his own destiny as he built a company that attracted valuable team members with a similar vision.

Dan’s business plan was backed up with a slew of technicalities.  He understood the benefit of computers, which weren’t widely in use yet, and became the first mortgage company in California to have an automated loan origination system. With this idea and professional approach, Partners Mortgage attracted top producers from Savings & Loans. Their supportive culture allowed them to become one of the first mortgage companies to hire Todd Duncan’s company, now called the Duncan Group, to guide and develop their team. The right approach makes everything achievable, and thus Dan was able to do so. His firm quickly became one of the largest mortgage brokerage firms in the country.

Over the years Partners Mortgage has served an expansive clientele, upwards of 50,000.  An exceptional client and business partner experience continues to be the key ingredients in the company’s continuing success. Through Partner’s Mortgage, Dan and his incredible team have made sure to stay ahead of their database, keeping them front and center in their client’s minds, resulting in new business through a network of referrals. 

Dan’s philosophy has always been simple. For him, customers matter, referral partners matter, and the community matters. He developed the name ‘Partners Mortgage’ to create a clear message that he partners with his team members, business partners, and clients. He believes that everyone is important in a partnership, each individual contributes equally, and all contributors matter. This philosophy has contributed to Partners Mortgage’s success for over 33 years and still counting.