Frisco Chuck

The passion for music has catapulted Charles “Frisco Chuck” Kelley’s career upwards

This music success born and bred in Fillmore District, San-Francico, CA, always wanted to rule the space where rhythms and melodies were a part of every day life but was finding it difficult to get through. Getting the right break is no child’s play, especially in this cut-throat competitive zone where every other day a new artist is born, better than the former, and he realized this soon after setting his foot to make a mark in the music realm. Dwelling deep and mastering the craft was the only way out for this aspiring music artist who was hell-bent in making it to the top. Hours of practice and grasping the subject to its root became his routine till he was confident to launch himself professionally. Hard work paid off, and he was ready to present himself in front of the world.

He launched his own label, ‘Street Cred Music Group’, which went on to become a raging hit. What followed was taking over Nick Cannon label ‘Ncredible Ent’, and leading the marketing and overall branding of the label. Furthermore, he took over the A&R for FO15 group and has also started a management company that looks over the work of artists like @traetwothree, @Justinavalentine and @DWFLAME. Today, he enjoys a commanding position from where he can call the shots, having reached a net worth of more than $2 million, one can say that he has finally arrived.

He says that to break through the barriers and reach the top in the industry is difficult, but not impossible. He says that charting out a marketing strategy to present yourself well should be your foremost priority if you want to get noticed and land the right assignments. One should also focus on visibility and try to establish a constant connection with the audience by dropping your music consistently and ensuring that it reaches a wide base. To get a steady flow of work, networking with the right people is of utmost importance says the successful music artist who is of the strong opinion that if specific calculated steps are taken, it can lead to a bright future in the music industry, and he’s a fine example of this.

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