Richy Collins

Richy Collins The Future Of Hiphop

Richard Trigg, better known as Richy Collins, is an American singer and musician who infuses his compositions with such a distinct taste that makes the world move to the beat of his music. He was born on October 14, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, and his new track “Fly Shit Only” is making waves throughout social media platforms. Richy Collins aims to make his music stand out by incorporating inspiring messages into it, giving music fans something new to add to their playlists. Richy Collins, unlike other musicians, does not rely on big performers for inspiration.

He is, in reality, becoming a better version of himself every day. The lessons he has learned throughout his life have encouraged him to be influenced by none other than himself since he has come so far despite all of his challenges. His songs are packed with creativity, charisma, flare, and great messages.

People not only appreciate but also feel, his music because of the messages in his songs. His new track “Fly Shit Only” is out now on the world’s most popular hip-hop YouTube channel, and it’s paving the road for him to flourish. Richy Collins will also release an extended play in October, as well as a bunch of new single music videos to add to your playlist.

To know him more, check out his IG: @richy.collins.