Suyash Bansal

How old were you when you thought of starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur? We couldn’t deny the fact that many of us dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur in our early years but couldn’t plan a pathway to accomplish goals. But, there are always some brilliant minds who don’t only think but prepare a plan and stick to it. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a person who did exactly the same and became an inspiration for many youngsters and experienced professionals, the Youngest Digital-Marketer of India, Mr. Suyash Bansal. 

17 years old, Entrepreneur Suyash Bansal belongs to Udaipur Rajasthan and continuously works on turning around the digital-marketing world. He believes that digital-marketing is the new era of marketing that has evolved over the years and will continue to grow. In addition, he says Digital-Marketing is leading-edge technology and can revolutionize the world in no time. The examples could be seen in the current pandemic situation; when everything stopped, digital-marketing did work and got boomed. 

The young entrepreneur with an enduring vision works to provide India with its best digital-marketing exposure and businesses with worldwide reach. So far, he has helped over 1000+ businesses of the world to fuel up their mission with AI-powered strategies. Moreover, he aligns with the digital trends and innovates several strategies that could do wonders for businesses globally. 

At last, Innovating and Passionate Suyash leaves a piece of advice for all youngsters out there who are planning to become a game turner and joining the evolution process of digital-marketing- “Nothing is impossible if you’re passionate enough to achieve, smart enough to plan and confident enough to change”. He further adds that age doesn’t matter when you have sustainable plan and power to execute.