Tyler Hogan

Tyler Hogan is a real estate investor, wholesler, and realtor. He’s found success selling half million dollar homes and leasing luxury apartments. His first year saw profits of over six figures, and he’s on track to double those numbers in his second. Finding an opportunity to bring the industry into the 21st century, “The Millennial Realtor” has edged his way to the top of his game. From his humble beginnings in a Starbucks cafe, Tyler now finds himself in a 22nd floor highrise overlooking downtown Dallas.

In college, Tyler played NCAA Division 2 football on a full ride scholarship. He graduated with a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies. He started working for a tech company that offered computer software to real estate agents and taught them how to build a business. While working there, Tyler saw both a problem and an opportunity. He was working with business owners who weren’t technologically advanced, yet earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. He decided to quit putting money in someone else’s pocket and bet on himself.

To free up his time and save money, Tyler started mowing lawns. He spent his free time in a Starbucks cafe planning out his business. He would only succeed if he dove in head first with a plan. He wrote business goals and action plans to achieve his goals. He needed a strong foundation for his company, and had to work out the marketing, technology, clienteling, and finances. Tyler discovered how to find his strengths and weaknesses and then outsource what’s necessary. For anyone starting out, Tyler recommends they begin the same way. Read every day, and remember that building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t allow fear to hold you back. Danger is real, fear is not. It’s just a product of our imaginations. 

In the beginning, Tyler struggled as he transitioned from employee to employer. He felt the weight of the reality that if he didn’t produce, he would have no income. In time, he found the ability to create a life without restrictions for himself and his family. He has the freedom to choose his lifestyle. Tyler’s success comes from building an empire that will employ and care for many people, for years to come. He plans to build up his real estate team and then start his own brokerage. As he works on these projects, he’s looking to add more rental properties to his investment portfolio.

For Tyler, mindset is everything. It’s so important to be able to channel the hate and doubts into positive energy. There is a daily mental battle you will have to win against yourself, but this builds confidence and contributes toward your future success. This positivity and these victories are your gift to the world.

Understanding customer service is paramount, Tyler does not hold office hours. He makes himself available 24/7 and leverages technology to educate and build relationships. When working with people, he never views them as transactions, but seeks to set them up for their future success by putting them in the best financial position possible. He serves clients in North Texas communities such as Rockwall, McKinney, Plano, and Dallas. His website offers a property search tool along with a mortgage calculator and “what’s my home worth?” feature. 

Tyler is driven to give families the “American Dream” of homeownership. Through this, his success is able to bring freedom to his family and generations to come. You can follow Tyler on Instagram @t_hogan01 (soon to be changed to @TylerHogan).