1. Nowadays, rented villas are getting more popular than luxury hotels when it comes to vacations. A big reason is that booking private accommodation is much easier than booking a hotel room now. But the question is still the same, Is a private villa or rental house a better choice compared to a luxury hotel?

Let’s see why you should try a rented villa this time for your vacation

1. Most important thing first – Cost!

Discuss the most important thing first – Cost. Honestly, renting a villa can be a very cost-effective choice when compared to booking a hotel room, also it will be cheaper if you get to come along with more people. Villas at Punta Mita vacation rentals can be hired out for cheaper rates and one of the best service provided.

2. Experience Home

When you’re spending a whole lot of money on your holiday it’s certain that you want an experience like the home away from home, but with the hotel, it is not very likely that a hotel room is going to amaze you with all that it serves you with. The worst part is, a hotel room is just a little more than somewhere to sleep and have a shower, that’s it! Villas are different, where you can really sit back and relax, and feel like a home away from home.

3. No sharing, it’s all yours.

Even if you’re in a hotel that is having a pool, you already know it’s not only for you alone. You have to share it with the other guests, even if you get up early in the morning and hey wait! Who wants this on a holiday? Just like that for the gym, sauna and steam room, you have to share it all. Booking a villa will have you all those awesome amenities to yourself. Almost all villas have pools nowadays and many of them have gyms, games rooms and awesome extra facilities to keep entertained and chilled out.

4. With family, villas are the best choice for holiday

When you’re traveling with your family especially with kids, it is not that easy, but renting a villa can make it way easier for you. You’ll have a kitchen just like in your home, there will be gardens and spaces to play and you will not have to worry about your kids making a mess out there. Many villas are also coming with kid-friendly extra stuff like cots, high chairs, toys and games available, meaning you don’t have to worry about trucking them along with you.

5. Want your pet to come along?

So, you may find so many luxury hotels, but not all of them allow you to take your pet along. With villas things are different! Many rental villas are more than just happy to welcome a four-legged guest, it will save you from extra fees and the pain of missing your pet while you’re away from home.

6. It’s not just a villa, it’s a venue together with an accommodation, All in one.

Rental villas get so many bookings from people wanting to celebrate different events, whether it is a wedding anniversary, a big birthday or another family event. Renting out a villa is like you’ll have a venue a party and a place for everyone you invite. Also, it is easier to find all the party stuff you need with the help of the villa staff appointed for you.

7. Relaxing!

The one big advantage of a villa holiday is that you will get a different level of peace, comfort, and tranquillity. This is something you won’t realize until you’re in one. Such properties are often found in the middle of a peaceful silent place, and as you’re relaxing you’ll be lulled into total relaxation by how quiet and peaceful it is. You will absolutely feel disconnected to the polluted and noisy environment out there.

8. With friends, it’s more fun!

How many times have you planned a holiday with your friends and canceled it at the last moment? This is the right time. More often people book a villa holiday with their friends and family. On a holiday, when you have your friends and family together, it is important to feel like home, to have enough space for everyone to socialize together. This is an experience you will miss in a luxury hotel for sure.


Summing up all the points above, we can say that villas are a lot more cost effective, value for money, comfortable and peaceful. We all have once booked a luxury hotel for a holiday, but trust me, booking a villa this time will take you to an experience like never before. Looking at all the factors, we can say that a villa with your friends and family is the best combination for your holiday coming with complete privacy and freedom to do what you feel like in the open space.

So, have you booked a villa for this holiday?