Gardening has long been used as a metaphor for life. “We reap what we sow.” It’s pretty accurate really — so long as we are patient and mindful.

The act of planting the seed is the easy part. We do it often, usually accompanied by great enthusiasm and a vision of what it will become. The hard part is getting there, seeing it through, staying true to the vision of what we’ve planted and cultivating an environment in which the seed can thrive and grow.

There will be plenty of external blocks along the way that will threaten to uproot the plan. Although these things are completely out of our control, what we can control is how we respond.

Think of the farmer whose crops are destroyed by drought. Does he pack it in and sell the farm?

Your internal blocks may be the bigger obstacles you face. Like weeds or pests, these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs threaten any chance of healthy growth.

If you’re not achieving something that you want, chances are it’s one of these blocks that is holding the energy required for success.

Bringing awareness to how these blocks show up for you is the first step toward cultivating all your seeds to produce bumper crops!