There is no doubt in my mind that plants heal because I have been using them for decades for everything from calming the mind and spirit, to healing cuts and bruises. Today, my focus is on four very beneficial plants that I consider lifesavers for their restorative and healing properties.

Lavender — Long attributed to calming the nerves, this purple plant is very good as an anti-inflammatory and a sleep aid. A lavender plant is good in the bedroom to will help create an awareness that promotes rest. I prefer the actual plant to the oil and if you came to visit, you might just find one in my room!

Aloe Vera — This is a fantastic plant for treating cuts, burns and skin disorders. I can recall many years ago using a leaf from the plant for a minor burn. I was visiting my grandmother at the time and she had a plant growing in a pot on her kitchen windowsill. She broke off a leaf and squeezed it until a soft gel oozed out of it, and then put it on my burn. Within seconds I felt the throbbing pain subside!

Peppermint — This plant is good for soothing headaches and is a great stomach aid. I have used it for both intentions. I used to suffer from migraine headaches and my mother would put a plant in my room and ask me to inhale the fragrance. It definitely eased my discomfort. I can also recall a time when I had an upset stomach and someone offered me a peppermint candy. It definitely did the trick!

Cannabis — This is the ultimate of all plants that heal. It has amazing curative properties that are so numerous they are still being discovered. The chemical compounds (cannabinoids) in the plant work with the cannabinoids in the human body, and create a dance of healing vibrations. People often mistakenly think this plant is all psychoactive because of the possible content of THC, but it is not. There are variations cultivated that do not have that kind of effect. Hence, it has been safe for children to use. It can be vaporized, eaten, taken orally or rubbed on the skin, depending upon your issue. It is known for healing seizures, depression and chronic pain as well as the successful treatment of diseases like cancer, Crohn’s disease and lupus. And that is just the medical side of it. After 90 years, this plant is finally making its way into full legality.

These are just a few, but if you do some research and experiment, you will find so many more plants that have healing qualities. I would suggest you pick up a pad, notebook or create a computer file to use as your journal. It’s important to document your experiences so that you have a record of the plants that you refer to the most. If anything, this record helps you ascertain which plants help you personally. Good luck!

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