The wheelbarrow is the most useful outdoor tools that help you to maneuver your loads to one place to other. Whether you consider gardening or construction work, a perfect wheelbarrow can make your job just fun. Choosing the correct tools can be confusing among the hundreds of models and types in the market, but once you research a few features, you can make your decision precisely.

You will see a plenty of different types of wheelbarrows with various features but which style is the perfect one for you? And which can be the best, plastic vs. steel wheelbarrows?

Steel wheelbarrows are better for stirring for heavy loads such as building supplies or heavy-duty materials, while plastic wheelbarrows are durable and suitable for lightweight transport.

Are you having trouble in taking a decision which tool is the best fit for you? This well-researched article will show you just which route you should go down.

Comparison chart in short:

Plastic wheelbarrow

Steel wheelbarrow

Lightweight tools

Stronger materials

Easier to maneuver

Won’t fold under weight

Potentially long lasting

Capable to haul heavier materials

Can become fragile over time

Won’t become brittle from weather

Using a Plastic Wheelbarrow:

Plastic wheelbarrows are used for transporting lighter materials such as soil, mulches, weeds, empty pots, gardening tools or bags of gardening soil. This category wheelbarrow emerged as a lighter model of the original that is also durable and fancy in design. Kid’s wheelbarrows are mostly of plastic, but that does not mean those are cheap and readily breakable like toys

Benefits of Plastic Wheelbarrow:

You will find excellent range plastic wheelbarrows in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are displayed on a various online platform with specification and price. Anything from oversize wheelbarrows to tiny ones is offered for purchase. Based on your kind of need, pick your best one keeping the benefit in mind.

The best benefit of using plastic wheelbarrows you can consider from physical as well economical context. A plastic wheelbarrow is lighter than steel wheelbarrow which helps to reduce physical stress while this material minimizes the shipping cost for lightweight. You can feel much comfortable with Plastic wheelbarrows to lift than a steel wheelbarrow, even when full of loads.

This type of tools is long lasting which ultimately minimize the cost in the long run. On top of that, a plastic material is rust-resistance trumps everything else. Even if you are busy, forget to store correctly, no need to worry about rusting or rotting away if you leave your wheelbarrow out in the rain for a few months.

Drawbacks of Plastic Wheelbarrows:

No doubts, plastic wheelbarrows have the great benefits considering its light weight, durability and easier handling, but when it approaches heavy loads like stone, tossing boulders and mixing concrete, this material is not the right choice. Further, as the material is plastic, you need to be careful with what and how much supplies you put into it.

You just can’t carry heavy things such as rocks or logs since a plastic tray could break or crack. You must especially be careful with In case of sharper stuff such as metal poles or glasses; you must take extra care to avoid the damages of plastic.

Being plastic material, this type of wheelbarrows are resistant to rust, and they are mostly can be brittle from extremely sun and cold exposure. A plastic model apparently they break quickly if you use them at below cold temperature.

Using a Steel Wheelbarrow:

Steel wheelbarrows, commonly traditional tools, which are typically used in hauling heavy-duty supplies such as plants, timber, stones, cement and logs and much more.

Traditionally, you can see more steel wheelbarrow in the yard or construction sites than a plastic one. The steel wheelbarrow, made of sturdy metal, can hold huge loads without buckling or folding.

These wheelbarrows are great, but sometimes they can be too heavy to lift if you’re not careful.

Benefit of Steel Wheelbarrow:

When it comes to hauling substantial materials like timber, stones, cement, and logs, steel wheelbarrows are the best options.

Being Steel material tremendously durable, they can carry everything from a stones piles to heavy garden mulch with comfort.

You can extreme use and abuse for the years without seeing any real trouble as they are incredibly versatile and dynamic

Therefore, who loves to have the heavy-duty, steel model is the best option.

Though these types of wheelbarrows are heavily used in construction sites and yards, they also can be in handy around the garden as well.

Drawbacks of Steel Wheelbarrow:

Steel models are made of heavy, sturdy steel metal what makes them more substantial. Even when it remains empty, a steel wheelbarrow will be much heavy compared to plastic one.

As this is heavier by its kind, so the more you add the loads on it, the heavier it will be. You may have to struggle while you lift it. Therefore, handling the steel wheelbarrow could be more difficult in some cases.

Steel wheelbarrows are subject to rust. If you don’t y take care of properly, leave the tool in the open air and the rain for few months, you can expect rust to follow. Rust makes the steel tub of the wheelbarrow delicate and ultimately unusable. You need to take special care to make sure the steel wheelbarrow can protect from the elements, especially from the rain.

CutMyPlastic, a company who sells plastic sheeting, advise on the use of plastic wheelbarrows on the basis that they are generally a lot cheaper and easier to maintain.


If you are still reading, you have already come to know that both tools have their benefits and disadvantages as well. Based on your needs and work types, you have to determine whether plastic or metal wheelbarrow is the best option for you.

Please go with the steel wheelbarrow in case of hauling heavy loads like timber, concrete, stone etch while plastic wheelbarrow is the best option for lighter weight maneuvering.


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