Gaming. What images come to your mind when you hear this word? Has it ever crossed your mind that the gamer living next door will have the edge over you when you both look for a job in the near future?

Players glued to their screens on end? A dark room with flashy keyboards? Cups of coffee left here and there, and empty pizza boxes? Maybe. Regardless of how disengaging these pictures might look, has it ever crossed your mind that the gamer living next door will have the edge over you when you both look for a job in the near future? Seriously, have we realized that the potential of gaming is enormous?

Gaming; the new trend in the job market in Europe

Profits coming from the gaming industry are three times higher than those from the film industry. In Europe, in particular, gaming seems to be making its first baby steps, and the request for new job positions in gaming has become increasingly intense.


“Understanding the value of a European Games Society” was a program organized by the European Video Game Society, last April, that highlighted the need for people with artistic and creative skills to be hired in the gaming industry . This, in turn, will minimize the gender gap in gaming, where males seem to dominate. Gaming will be a golden opportunity for females to show their professional skills in this industry and combine them with their artistic skills and love for gaming.

This project also highlighted the aim of the EU to turn video games into tools for preserving our cultural heritage, a potential that the combination of technology and gaming can offer. Professionals whose skills come from both culture and gaming will undoubtedly flourish and be highly competitive in the job market.

Professions related to gaming laws and regulations, gaming safety, 5G, and good mobile gaming practices are also in demand. Financial analysts with a strong gaming background will easily make it in their field, offering their services to entrepreneurs willing to invest in the gaming industry. Being a shoutcaster host, a social media and community manager, an operations manager, or an event manager are job openings where experience in gaming is more than essential. 

If you are interested in esports and would like to study the subject or build up a professional career in the realm of gaming, click here:

Gaming and esports radically transform formal education.

In England, 70% of schools are planning to add gaming as an extra subject to their curriculum

Critical thinking and creativity are skills that future professionals will sharpen through gaming; without these, finding a job would be extremely hard. In universities around the world, esports stand for a clear career path. National Student Esports (NSE) has one of the most prominent student communities that compete in international gaming tournaments. Interesting to mention is that students active in esports in the UK outnumber those who practice any other sport. The skills they develop through gaming will be valuable; they will give them an asset regardless of their field, making them look even more marketable and competitive to potential employers in any profession.

Gaming will change everything we know about learning and acquiring knowledge. We will open up to a new world where gaming and metaverse prioritize experience, fun, and creative thinking. The world is changing, and we should do the same. If we are responsible and look for meaningful gaming experiences, we can use technology for our benefit and society’s well-being. So don’t be afraid of technology; tame it.

Video games in language learning

Gaming has been used in the field of language learning. The results are noteworthy because it offers conditions where the gamer can use the language while following instructions or chatting with other gamers. As a result, learning becomes incidental; there is no room for stress once excitement overwhelms the gamer and learner (for more “Video Games and English as a Second Language In particular, while playing Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, they can socialize, have fun, improve their English skills, and learn about ancient civilizations.

Assassin’s Creed is only one example of how a video game can change learning. Soon, the description of job vacancies and the profile of potential employees will be much different from what we already know. In the near future, the experience in learning will take the lead. 

Ready to play games with your future?


  • Dimitra Giannouplaki

    Digital Educator; Empathy Instructor


    Dimitra Giannouplaki is an MA student currently writing her MA Thesis on Empathy, Video Games and Electronic Literature in Digital Education. In May 2019, her business idea of using video games in education and was voted as the best in its category in a European competition. She already has a B.A. in Religion and a B.A. in English Language and Literature Aristotle University οf Thessaloniki, Greece (AUTh). She has studied Digital Teaching and Learning and Theories of Technology at Uppsala University, Sweden (Erasmus scholarship) and York University, Canada (Stavros Niarchos Foundation scholarship). She has attended postgraduate courses in Sociology of Religion (MA cycle) and MBA at American College of Thessaloniki (ACT); she has also studied German, Italian and Arabic. She believes that the digital world is not an obstacle when we know how to use it for our benefit and care about others. [email protected]