Sunshine Shen is a self-realization and spirituality guru whose passion is to empower women to embrace holistic wellness – mind, body, and soul – in order to attain both personal and professional success. Sunshine truly harnesses every aspect of wellness to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves. Prior to her self-realization journey, Sunshine had been published in Playboy Slovakia, Czech and Romania, and Australia. Hugh Hefner also hand-selected her to become one of his Painted Ladies to represent the publication at their luxurious and exclusive events. She has also been featured on the cover of FHM South Africa and Maxims around the world.

Throughout her career, Sunshine developed a passion for spirituality and has worked on empowering millennials to be judged on qualities other than physical appearance. She has also developed a hyper-sense of clairsentient abilities that allows her to size up strangers in matters of seconds. She has come across friends from all walks of life during her journey, and can easily relate to anyone she comes across due to her background of living in different countries and multiple cities within the U.S. Since leaving her modeling days behind her Sunshines overall focus has turned to energy readings, crystal healing, and she recently has become a certified sound bath healer which has helped her begin to achieve her goal of aiding others in their own spiritual self-realization journeys. She describes herself as a self-realization guru, spiritualist, and new-age thinker.

Sunshine is a model on a mission and has appeared on numerous talk shows and podcasts to speak about her spiritual awakening and discuss her continued journey towards spiritual discovery. She plans to continue speaking out about her own spiritual awakening by writing a fiction novel based on her incredible life story which she cannot wait for the world to see. 

Sunshine Shen is an inspiration to women around the world. She embodies the idea that at any point in your life you can stop what you’re doing if you’re unhappy and make a change for the better. Sunshine followed her dreams of spirituality and she could not be happier. We know that we will only continue to see great things from her and she has already inspired us to start our own spiritual journeys. 

What sparked your transition from being a model to becoming a spiritual guru? 

I started to grow as a person, not only mentally but spiritually as well. I found myself connecting on a deeper level and as much as I enjoyed modeling, I wanted something more. It was a harder transition but I am so thankful I have stuck with it and been able to help others along the way. 

How did your spiritual awakening impact your life overall?  

It has truly changed me as a person. When you start to understand people and the world around you on a spiritual level it changes your outlook on life. You start to become a healthier and happier person and project your good energy onto others around you. 

How did you end up practicing Sound Healing?

I ended up practicing Sound Healing once I left my modeling days behind. After my own spiritual awakening, I felt a need to help others achieve their own spiritual self-realization journeys. Practicing Sound Healing is one way that I’m able to help others reach a new level of spiritual enlightenment. 

How would you define wellness and what inspired your interest in wellness? 

Wellness to me is an overall state of being in good health both mentally and physically. My interest in wellness was inspired by my own spiritual awakening. From there it became my goal to aid others in their own journeys. I hope to help people onto the path of spiritual self-realization by spreading messages of love and positivity. My interest in wellness has inspired me to help others live their most authentic lives and get in touch with their highest selves in order to maximize self-fulfillment and happiness.

How do you practice wellness in your daily life? 

I practice wellness in my daily life in a number of different ways. My daily health routine always starts with the intake of necessary vitamins and supplements such as turmeric and probiotics to help my body get rid of inflammation and toxins. Next, I like to do 30 mins of meditations with no distractions in order to bring my mind maximum clarity. After, I will only have a cup of fresh black coffee with no sugar or cream for heart health. Then I cook meals at home with only the best and freshest organic ingredients for me and my family. Finally, I always try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day as our body and soul heal themselves during this time.       

Was it difficult to manage your mental health while you were modeling and have you seen a difference in your image and mental health now that you’ve begun to focus on wellness?  

Yes, I am so grateful for everything the modeling industry has taught me. However, being able to take a step back and focus on me has made a huge impact on my life. I started realizing how much you change when you take care of your mental health. I physically started feeling better because I was focusing on overall wellness rather than the bare minimum. I often think people don’t take enough time to themselves to care for their mental health, which is such an important part of growing spiritually and mentally. 

As a former model, how did you learn to implement the importance of self-love rather than strictly focusing on looks on the outside? 

It took me a lot of time to switch my focus on what I looked like on the outside versus how much I loved myself. As a former model, there are a lot of insecurities that can arise but once I began to focus more on my overall mental health and wellness I recognized how important self-love was. It has been a long journey to get to where I am now but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You’re currently working on writing a book, can you tell us what the book will be about? 

I can’t tell you exactly what my book will be about but I can say that it is a story unlike any other you’ve read before. It’s a fanfiction novel that follows the story of a Playboy Playmate and her rise and fall within the industry. It’s a story about finding yourself even in the darkest of times. 

What has been your favorite part about writing this book so far? 

My favorite part about writing this book so far has been developing the characters. I’ve always wanted to explore writing as part of my career so for me it’s been amazing watching everything come together in a way that’s better than I ever would have imagined. 

Has writing your book been healing for you after your experiences in the modeling industry and working with Playboy? 

It has definitely been healing for me after my experiences in those industries. It gave me a lot of time to reflect as well as gain a little more appreciation for my experiences. I find that reflecting on past experiences can never be a bad thing and I encourage everyone to do the same. 

What’s something people may not know about you? 

Something people may not know about me is that I was born in a small town in China, and immigrated to the United States at age 7 when my parents were offered positions in the STEM field. I then moved to Los Angeles as a young adult in order to chase my dreams as well as build a career and a life for myself.