Waking up to the reality of life in 2020 is new for all of us. 

Many days this year, all I had in me to do was cry, and I let myself. 

I cry so often that my family doesn’t expect anything less and they welcome me welcoming my tears. How healing. 

My oldest daughter doing school from home said to me one day back in March, “Mom, I had no idea that you cry so much.” 

Crying heals. I’m willing to model that for my daughters. 

A tear is small but mighty. Our tears release our pain, joy, and take us into more clarity, more freedom, more expression, more real, and more life. 

What if, in the year 2020, it’s OK for us to cry? What if it’s time for us to be with our emotions? 

As we cry, we come together fearlessly, expressing our truth. 

If not now, when?

3 Reasons to Let Yourself Cry

Clarity: Crying clears your mind and heals your body. Resisting our tears keeps toxic energy trapped inside of our bodies. Crying permits us to move through our thoughts and emotions while it makes room for release. Tears cleanse us of old worries, stories and lessons. Crying allows us to connect powerfully to our bodies as we breathe deeper into ourselves. 

Self-Expression: Crying creates expression without words. Words can be overrated, and in a year like 2020, sometimes there are just no words to capture the essence of our experience. Crying is powerful and sources from our inner strength. It takes strength and courage to cry. Let go of the words. Invite in the tears. 

Health: When all else fails, let the natural and healthy flow of your tears come. Take a walk and cry. Write and cry. Sing and cry. Draw and cry. Relax into your natural tears and watch your senses and clarity peak. Crying is beautiful and has never hurt you or anyone else. Eventually the tears will stop and if you relax into them, recognizing that they are happening for your health and healing, you will feel better after a good cry. 

Crying connects us back to ourselves and each other. Our tears are part of our humanity. 

Let’s cry together as we grow, for all of our healing. 

Maybe you need some additional support from a great therapist, coach or mentor. 

Go find that person and cry with them as they hold space for your healing. 

Please take this article as an invitation to open up your heart, your eyes, and your soul. 

The world needs you expressing yourself and your light now more than ever. 

As we let ourselves cry, we let ourselves heal, while inspiring others around us.