You see, self-love and acceptance is a power position. Beyond confidence, it’s a sense of being at home with self. 

This cannot happen when self-abandoning. Abandonment happens when you do not tend to your tender parts, your wounds, shadows and also your light and gifts. 

I speak on this because I was the Queen of abandoning myself. I ran from myself for decades! In drugs, alcohol, empty friendships, men who didn’t love me and loads of other self-destructive choices.

I looked for home in everything. Yet I never found it, because I was looking outside of myself.

You may abandon yourself for the approval or love of others. 

Or, abandon yourself in relationships, settling and pretending something isn’t off, but deep down it is. ​​​​

You might abandon yourself by being harsh with your body and overall appearance. 

Abandonment for you may look like playing small so others don’t feel bad about themselves. 

You may abandon yourself by putting your kids, husband and anyone else first at the expense of feeling depleted, unfulfilled and perhaps even depressed. 

Many abandon their emotions AKA energetic messengers with glasses of red wine. 

Abandoning yourself is as simple as dismissing your needs and desires. 

I am here to remind you >>>> Your needs and desires matter a lot. 

SO much. Think about the women who have inspired you in life. Perhaps the women you follow online or women you read about. Did they honor their inner-being, or abandon themselves?​​

When you abandon yourself, you cut yourself off from experiencing your Divinity. 

You’ll suffer emotionally and eventually physically, too. ​Because it’s all connected. Life will get your attention, one way or another. 

Now it’s time to give your life a gentle look over. Where are you abandoning yourself? 

Why? Explore this with an open heart. 

Next, ask yourself, “what do I need in this moment?” ​​

No matter what shows up for you, know that it’s never too late to return home to yourself and embrace the magic that you are. Nothing you’ve said, done or experienced can take away your power to become your own safe space. ​​​​​​

You’ve been away for far too long, return home. 

You are what you’ve been looking for.