150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical movement is the amount of exercise the World Health Organisation recommends to adults aged 18 to 64. Those who follow this instructions are said to have lower rates of all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, colon and breast cancer, depression, among many other benefits. Body action is a very spread practise of welfare, nothing new about that. The novelty proposed here is to ally that to an action that will grant you to also use the same time to go deep on subjects that could help you get better in all areas of your life.

I started doing that many years ago and I can only say my podcast list has since then grown long, vast and beautifully varied through a series of themes I could never have the time to learn about in other ways. This article is aimed at showing you the way to kickoff, give you some examples and ideas to build your self improvement audio list, so you can initiate the roadway to a better self right away.

Start small

When I say “podcast running”, take that the way it fits you today. Running has being a passion through many years of traveling and not having a gym nearby frequently. Step by step, as I started walking, the need for moving more and faster grew strong then I decided to read more about the exercise, listen to my body and this all made me evolve at the sport.

Walking slowly for 15 to 20 minutes a day is a way of getting started without pushing yourself too much. Besides, download an exercise app that help you track your progress and continue motivated as time goes by. For instance, at the beginning I used the Nike Running app which is available for free for all types of phones and that made me find challenges and friends that kept me going.

Choose a podcast app and build your playlist

There are a lot of applications you can elect from out there, I personally learned about this media with the built in Iphone app. As my list expanded too much, I felt it started crashing all the time, so I have recently decided to move to Spotify. Restarting fresh, I applied the opportunity to select just the ones I love the most, as I can follow updates closely and listen to them more often.

When I started, podcasting was new and there were not many options. Nowadays the market is huge and full of choices. There are audios of all time lengths, covering the most diverse theme range. Something I always do when I want to find good ones is going on google, typing the subject together with “best podcasts” and looking through the reviews I can find. Another way to do that is just to go to the search button on your app and type the subject matter you want to look for.

My 10 best podcast list

To help you launch yourself into this whole new world of media, here is my list of all time favourite programmes I can not get enough of, which I have followed and listened to for the longest time:

  1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes – This is a great source of inspiration targeted at providing self development tools and knowledge.
  2. Finding Mastery with Dr. Michael Gervais – Dr. Gervais is a High-Performance Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in high-stakes environments with some of the top athletes, musicians, and executives, in the world and here he reveals the best practice of the top 1% best performers.
  3. Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt – Michael is a New York Times bestselling author and he allows his audience to discover how current research combines with timeless wisdom for lasting success.
  4. The Thrive Global Podcast with Arianna Huffington – One of the 100 most influential people in the world by Forbes, Arianna sits down with notable leaders, celebrities, athletes and influencers to learn how prioritising well-being — instead of burnout and overwork — has made them happier and more successful. 
  5. Super Soul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey –  Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. 
  6. Deepak Choppra’s Infinite Potential with Dr Deepak Choppra – What makes us conscious beings and why does it matter that we are? Deepak Chopra welcomes a far-ranging group of guests who have paved new paths for understanding our present and future. 
  7. Worklife with Adam Grant – You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. 
  8. HBR IdeaCast by Harvard Business Review – A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management.
  9. Dear HBR by Harvard Business Review – Work can be frustrating. How can you get along with that maddening coworker? Figure out what your unapproachable boss really wants? Motivate your demoralized team? “Dear HBR:” is there to help.
  10. Business Daily by the BBC World Service – The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.

Go get going immediately

Lace your running shoes, press on on the podcast you liked the most and I shall see you on the other side of your improved self.

Take action right away. 

Send me a direct message if you feel I can be of help, I will respond. #Let’sGrow


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