Podcasts are a wonderful way to explore topics that interest you and to learn new things. Whether you’re working out or commuting to the office listening to a podcast is a great way to pass the time. It can be insightful and encouraging to listen to people discuss hobbies, goals, and events. Therefore, legal podcasts are a fantastic way for lawyers to grow their understanding and keep up with current interpretations of the law.

Here is a breakdown of a few legal podcasts that lawyers should be listening to.

Thinking Like a Lawyer
This podcast is hosted by Joe Patrice and Ellie Mystal. They discuss issues that arise from subjects such as drones, education, and free speech. This is a great show to listen with an open mind as it takes topics from the general population and puts it into legal terms and thought processes.

Compos Mentis

Listening to this Australian series will provide lawyers with advice on health, productivity, and happiness. It’s a podcast made by lawyers and for lawyers. There are different guests on the show and lively discussions about success, side projects, and understanding identities outside of one’s career.

BBC Law in Action

BBC has been running this law program for quite a while, beginning in 1984. It aims to help lawyers stay current with news and legal stories. There are interviews and discussions with a focus on the UK’s legal system. 

The Happy Lawyer Project
This podcast is hosted by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner and centres on legal professionals who have created change in their communities and industry. She hopes to help young lawyers lead successful, well-balanced lives by providing an inspirational show that can help listeners to focus on their personal development alongside their careers.

Legal Toolkit
Legal Talk Network made a great resource for anyone in law practice management with this podcast. There are reviews and discussions about technology helping lawyers, including automation and optimizing payment processes. The show hosts guest lawyers for talks ranging from programs that their firms use, new ideas, and services that can improve work efficiency.

UK Law WeeklyThis podcast is hosted by former professor Marus Cleaver. The series discusses legal news and specific cases that have gone through the Supreme and other courts. It’s a great resource for law students and professionals because it provides listeners with analysis, not just talking points.

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