Darkness, unfolds! Flying high into the wind, like a serenade of stars, singing to the Heavens

And yet, darkness is not bland! It jives! It jumps. It moves across the Universal timing! Darkness is a style and beat of its own liking

Can you see? Can you see the dark, Dancing? Like blackened beats of music notes, filling up the skies

Dancing eyes! Dancing sight! Let’s keep the dance, alive!

Seas of the dark, while seeing, beholds

Moving into a beat of laughter, like laughing stars in a darkened painting ?

Darkest eyes. Darkening nights! Do you see the stars, unfold?

Watch the eyes, those pretty eyes; pretty, dark eyes of the Soul

For they move through an ever haven, when sight moves in to be, told

Eyes of the night; a beautiful and serene sight,

Now, watch the dark, unfold, until you kiss ? me with a, goodnight!

Hazel Scott