If you are looking for inspiration for your reform or you want to know the next trends for the year 2021 at the level of architecture and interior design, this article interests you. Year after year trends evolve, although fashion is the most media sector, the change in style also affects other sectors and interior design is no exception. 2021 will be the year in which our house will become natural, stripped of artifice and will use very specific accessories to give it a balanced touch of modernity. Furniture Toronto is also transformed based on the reality of the space we live in, they will become small and adaptable; and we cannot forget about color, although Pantone has not yet issued a ruling, there are shades that have managed to sneak into the palettes of the most elegant interiors. Ready to know how to keep a house up to date?

The mixture enriches

The time when all the floors, walls, etc. had a single finish is history, what is being done now is mixing. Cement floors are combined with patterns of hydraulic tiles or ceramic imitation parquet. The walls become fun with accent graphics that break the homogeneity of the smooth surfaces. Color does not come only from the hand of textiles and accessories, but the furniture Toronto is dressed in intense colors that add personality to the room. Neutral shades won’t go out of style, but it’s good to learn to take a chance.

Marbles and natural stones

Large-format walltiles are a must for 2021. With the new technologies and innovations of recent years, it has been possible to transfer the beauty of natural stone to large and increasingly light formats that facilitate installation on walls and floors, creating elegant and tasteful spaces. 

If you are a stoneware lover, you will love the new technical stones that imitate natural materials and manage to create unique and unrepeatable combinations for each space. We will see a lot of marble and similar finishes in wall paneling, dining tables, and details in bathrooms and other spaces in the house.

Frosted and matte glass

Frosted or matte glass will have a strong presence in lighting fixtures. Being able to be space dividers such as sliding doors or for the bathroom. A trend that until recently was considered obsolete and in bad taste is transformed to reinvent itself and be a key element for decorative, lighting and door solutions. 

Its versatility means that they can be adapted to any style and space, being a point of interest that can be customized and even reversed according to the color you want, you will surely see it a lot in shower doors, bathrooms, striking lamps and space dividers.

Lamps that, in addition to light, give a lot of character to the space

On the subject of lighting, innovation and new proposals are magnificent. From geometric lamps that lean towards pure and simple lines to compositions of several pieces that create unique sceneries in each space.

We will also see many flexible and tubular lamps. They can be adapted to more organic designs, being a perfect contrast to geometric lamps that seek to create figures that cover the horizontal and vertical spectrum to generate a unique and impeccable lighting. The objective is to make an impact and give prominence to the lighting elements.