An important secret you should know.

At the beginning of every year we ask each other “Do you have a new years resolution?” It seems like a harmless question to ask but it feels so pointless. It’s like a good conversation piece that seems to just point out something you don’t like about yourself. Unless you’re doing hypno therapy or NLP, chances are you’re not really going to achieve it and by the end of January you might not even remember what it was….

According to Merriam — Webster Dictionary, the definition of resolution is: the act or process of resolving (analysing, answering, determining) something. The energy around this word ‘resolution’ is stale and cumbersome. So why not do something easier that shifts energy faster to a desired outcome? I’ve found that the secret is setting clear intentions. This is a big game changer. Why? Well the word means “attention directed toward an object of knowledge” which can also be seen in the definition of the law of attraction.

There’s a big difference between resolution and intention. With the word ‘intention’ you’re making statements that the Universe can line up with and bring you all that you desire. It doesn’t require the ‘resolution’ of anything. Only the focused attention that allows for you to attract the energy you’re putting out into the world.

The best part is it doesn’t have to be so serious. I was thinking about what my intention was that I wanted to place into 2018. My first thought was to say “Have more fun”. Of course my ego mind jumped in on this quickly and said that was a “silly idea” but of course this is no surprise. As I let it sink in, I realized it’s the perfect intention for me in the new year.

After writing it down, I thought to myself — How do I measure that? What does that look like? Which prompted me to be more specific. In order for the Universe to be able to align, I needed to get clear on what the energy is around my intention.

Almost immediately an image of one of my Balinese yoga instructors came to mind. He always does “laughter medicine” at the end of class and is the only one that I know who does it. He reminds us that a majority of the Balinese don’t do yoga but a different technique by using laughter. Have you ever had a situation where you couldn’t stop laughing? When we don’t hold back and allow ourselves to laugh we open up our energy. Along with clearing out the old and allows for alot more space for the new love and light that wants to flow in. After a good laugh we find that in the moments that follow, nothing really matters!

So I fine tuned intention to “Laugh daily”. Which was inspired by my new years eve dancing which lead to ALOT of uncontrollable laughter. Hopefully not because my dancing was that bad but because I was having so much fun.

The Balinese have been a huge inspiration to me as they are such light hearted people. They know how to get and stay in the flow of energy. The energy that powers the Universe and all that is to align with truth. In fact they’ve inspired me so much that I manufacture all my products in Bali and have Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklaces inspired by the way they interact with life.

One of my favorite mantras is: “Live Life — in Love — with Everything — Bliss”. Another one that resonates with todays message is “Laugh often — with gratitude — life blossoms — Bliss”. I’ve been wearing my “Breathe — Baby — BREATHE -Bliss” Mantra necklace but as of the new year I’m going to start wearing my “Laugh often…” mantra. We all know that first hand laughter is the best medicine!!! Select a mantra that is right for you on www.

Wanna HELP Bali stay Blissful? If you purchase a Mini Mantra Word Bar Necklace before the end of Jan 2018 you’ll be contributing to our Bali Disaster. The impact of the potential of our volcano Mt Agung has created havoc with the torist industry which is the main source of income for many Balinese. Our goal is to sell 1000 by the end of January and we’ll contribute 15 million Rupiah to non profit organizations including relief efforts for the over 71k evacuees. You can read more on my blog

Let’s keep Bali blissful!

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