A pole saw is a useful tool to cut overhead branches and trim the bushes far away. But, it should be handled with great care. If not handled properly, it can cause serious damage. There is not a whole lot information about how to handle a pole saw, right?

That’s why in today’s article, I will share with you the safety tips useful for pole saws. If you have recently bought a new pole saw then read this guide to use pole saw. I will give you detailed instructions on how to use a pole saw. So, let’s dive into it.

Safety Tips:

There are some important tips about safety that you should always keep in mind.

Chain Saw Condition:

First of all, always make sure to check the Chainsaw beforehand. Look if the chain is properly locked on the frame, and the pole is firm.

Branch Type:

Consider what type of branches you will be cutting. Dry and wet branches need different methods of cutting. Always give it a good amount of thought.

Pre-work Check:

Also, trigger the machine a few times before working to make sure it’s working properly.

Cutting Angle:

Always cut branches at 45-degree angle.

Power Lines:

Make sure there are no power lines near the workplace as they can cause serious damage.

Standing Stance:

In addition, always stand in a firm and solid stance. It will ensure you don’t trip over while working.

Overhead Branches:

Don’t cut any branch right overhead. The branch will fall directly on you and therefore will cause extreme damage. Always stand a good distance away from the branches.

Cutting Tension:

Branches can spring back in the other direction under tension. This happens when you release the cutting pressure. It can hit you hard, and as a result, can harm you to a troublesome degree. So, always keep an eye out for flying branch sections.

Pole Saw Kickback:

Another factor to look out for is the pole saw kick back. When the chain stalls, the saw gives you a kickback. Be careful to handle it. It can cause some damages such as a muscle pull.

Keep Others Safe:

Always make sure to keep every other person at a safe distance when working with a pole saw. This is especially applicable to children. In addition, keep your pets out of reach as well.


Do not work when you are tired. If you feel tired while working anytime, stop the work right there and take rest. Fatigue will decrease your concentration. As a result, the chance of accidents will increase way more.

Extension Cord:

If your pole saw comes with an extension cord, make sure to store it in a way that it does not get tangled. Watch out for this even when working. If it does not come with one, use only the extension cords that are compatible with the chainsaw model.

The condition of The Day:

You also need to consider the weather and circumstances. Do not use the pole saw on a rainy day or when it’s wet outside. It can result in serious damage.


Always keep in mind that pole saws are designed to cut branches. They can not handle the whole plant or a tree grown in the ground.

Clothes and Accessories:

Use proper clothes and accessories every time you work with a pole saw. Always wear full sleeve shirt and work pants. Use helmets, eye goggles, leather gloves, and earplugs (if necessary). Do not work without these protections.

Safe Storage:

Store the pole saw in a cool, dry place. Always keep it out of reach of children and pets. In addition, never leave it unattended when the machine is on.

So, these are the safety tips that you should keep in mind when using the pole saw. I hope the article was thoroughly helpful as well as enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading!