The thoughts and questions that focus our attention have enormous power over how we feel and act. Whether it’s a true crisis such as 9/11 (my 1st week as a freshman at NYU) or a bout of self-doubt, our conversations with others and in our heads are apt to swirl. It’s easy to get sucked into these swirls, which are everywhere we look right now. But positive leaders don’t let themselves get sucked in. Positive leaders know that words create worlds; they shift the conversation by reconnecting with their inner resources and speaking to possibility. 

Years ago, I created this 5-minute tool for a client to help its employees practice positive leadership. The framework is based on the five elements of Martin Seligman’s theory of wellbeing (PERMA). These appreciative questions help you to move beyond any anxiety, fear, or anger towards a conversation about wellbeing. Not only will you be more deliberate about bringing out the best in yourself and in others, but over time you will learn how to be more impactful. 

My hope is that these questions regularly bookend your day, helping you to navigate each day as it comes with a greater sense of wellbeing and confidence. Please let me know how it works for you! 

I’m also curious to know – are there other questions that are helping you to navigate these days for greater wellbeing? 

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