By Katherine Jegede

During my interview with Mitch Horowitz for his series One Simple Idea (available on the New Thought Channel), I shared a little of what my experience of ‘Positive Mind Metaphysics’ is. It was exciting to hear my ideas described as radical and essential especially since I had never really given much thought to how my perspective was being interpreted by others.

In my view, we have reached the limits of the New Thought discussion, everything that needs to be said about the philosophy of Positive Mind Metaphysics has been said by the countless voices that speak on it, but I don’t see that as a bad thing, necessarily. If the New Thought community is re- galvanized it will inevitably draw into its orbit, people who had never given Positive Mind Metaphysics thoughtful consideration before.

So, what is different about what I have to say? Well, three things which are ideas that I feel are crucially missing from current New Thought discourse.

Firstly, that despite our advancements, the world tends to feel more violent, and chaotic than ever before, a state of affairs that overshadows any evidence of the global transformation that was promised long ago. For that to change, humankind must take a fresh look at New

Thought, rediscover its original intended purpose and shift responsibility on to the individual who must willingly accept the challenge of fulfilling that purpose for themselves. With this should come the doing away with of New Thought leaders. I firmly believe spirituality to be deeply personal.

If it cannot be practically applied, it has no value.

Secondly, that there needs to be a revival – or as Neville Goddard himself once put it – there needs to occur the unveiling of a true religious attitude, one in which everyone accepts for themselves the challenge to embody a higher value of themselves. This means that Positive Mind

Metaphysics, which was originally intended to be a very individual and personal thing has become a vague communal concept, namely that as long as enough of us embrace the ideas associated with New Thought, then the world is going to become a better place.

This is not the case. All of the darkness and evil in the world are permanent, but just as all of the love and light are and that is because the world is a schoolroom and we are here to rediscover who we are, we are here to rediscover our authentic identities and we do that through our interaction with both good and evil.

And thirdly, that there needs to be the greater dissemination of esoteric knowledge. I think that when more people are familiar with the laws that underpin Positive Mind Metaphysics their relationship with this philosophy will change. It will become a practical and powerful resource in all of our lives.

“For lack of knowledge the people perish” is a literal statement and should be taken as literal by the New Thought community. The knowledge I am talking about includes an understanding of metaphysical language which needs to be taught or studied in order to be understood.

Although we use English vocabulary when discussing Positive Mind Metaphysics, English vocabulary changes when put into a metaphysical context, for example, the word LOVE in English actually means ATTENTION in a metaphysical context. This sort of information is essential to prevent the misconstruing of the fundamental principles of Positive Mind Metaphysics.

The aim of my work is to make Metaphysical knowledge available and accessible. When we really understand Positive Mind Metaphysics it becomes valuable, and anyone who engages with this philosophy will be able to gain from it in line with its intended purpose.

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