positive meditations

I firmly believe that if you think positive, positive things will happen to you. I believe that we can manifest what we truly, deeply want in and for our lives by tapping into our inner thoughts, desires, and then acting on them.

Here’s one meditation technique I use to reset, refresh, and realign myself:

  • First, calm your body and your mind by sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes, and turning your attention inward. Take a deep breath-in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • As you exhale, reflect on what’s going well in your life. Think each thought. Continue to breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Repeat this process three times and focus on your breath.
  • Now that your body and mind are relaxed, you can begin to visualize the people, things, and experiences you’d like in your life.
  • Use all your senses to see, hear, touch, taste, and above all, feel, the end result in your mind’s eye. The feelings that you link to your visualization are what add fuel to manifesting your desire.
  • Think about the new job you want. Imagine yourself opening the door to your corner office, the degree you worked hard and long for hanging on the wall, the gleaming desk. How do you feel in that moment? What are you thinking? Are you feeling happiness? Contentment? A sense of peace? Channel that feeling and sit with it for a few breaths.  

You can visualize one desire, or three, at a time. It’s really up to you and how much time you want to dedicate to this practice. I’ve found that feeling myself in the aspirational places I’d like to be, gives me a more positive, growth-focused mindset across all areas of my life.


  • Sara Reed

    Truth Teller, Holistic Professional Coach, and Career Therapist

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    Sara Reed believes that we create our own reality—on and off the job. She is passionate about helping professionals who feel stuck, exhausted, or unfulfilled step into their power and truly take charge of creating the career they want. She weaves real-world insights and truth-telling into all her individual coaching programs, workshops, masterclasses, and events.