Having a Positive Mindset is Not Easy nor Typical

John Racine Positive Mindset

I remember many years ago looking at commodity trading as a way to make some extra cash. Going all in, I started to look at all of the big names and tactics which were being used. There was a legendary trader named Larry Williams who had entered an annual trading contest and turned $10,000 into $1,100,000 in just 12 months. I never really thought if a positive mindset would have been required to pull that off.

Well, to say that was not exciting would have been a lie. Who wouldn’t want to scrounge up $10k and parlay it into over a million in 12 months? I dove in and started reading every book Larry published about his trading techniques and that lead me down a rabbit hole of reading and learning, learning and reading.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a book by another legendary commodity trader, Jake Bernstein, which was all about the psychology of stock and commodity trading. I remember vividly thinking back then, “Screw the psychology, I don’t need it to trade…”. As a result, my trading was not nearly as effective as I wanted.

Screw the Positive Mindset…At your Own Peril

Looking back, I was young and not well informed. Stupid was a word that also came to mind but not informed is way more accurate.

There’s a saying, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is oh so true, well, at least for me.

Getting older and wiser, it was worth looking at this again. I was all over the board through many different attempts with starting and running businesses and having been in the W-2 world as well. Not sure where the thought to explore this came from, likely from being tired of dealing with all the crap in life I hated. Therefore, I really decided to put a focus on it.

Starting out with things like hypnosis and subliminal audios, getting the flavor was quite an experience. The process was simple: pop on a set of headphones and listen to mp3’s on my iPod. Yes, an iPod, way before an iPhone ever existed.

The result? Mixed. I felt pretty good after listening but never really found the practice to be sustainable or long term effective. Look, it works for a ton of people and I have had decent results using it for weight loss, but as far as a positive mindset was concerned, I was not convinced.

Next up was meditation. This one was the hardest of all for me. Mind mind always seems to move 1,000,000 MPH and never turns off. Therefore, I struggled to really calm my mind and focus. I had to give up on this one pretty quick.

I Finally Got It

Ultimately, I started listening to podcasts and heard a woman on one who claimed to be a Money Mindset Coach. Her name was Harriette Hale. She took a completely different perspective on mindset and it was 1 I completely resonated with.

I ended up getting onto a 1 on 1 Coffee Date which was a nice way of saying a free consultation. I have to say, I got more out of that call than I ever expected. She explained how the mind works and how to use positive mind tactics to actually make them effective.

I finally “got it”. It definitely took some understanding of how the universe works but that discussion is for another time. Once the framework was in place, it made it a whole hell of a lot easier to get results.

That really started a journey and transition which has had the most remarkable impact on me. Never been happier, more fulfilled and positive. I know the positive mindset played a pivotal role.

I was even able to identify my own framework for navigating life. 2 components:

  1. Choose-Channel-Change
  2. RESOLVE System

How I Changed My Life

What I was able to identify is making a choice to do something, anything, really boils down to 3 pieces I call Choose-Channel-Change. In its simplest form, you make a choice, you channel your energy and make the change. Pretty simple but definitely not easy.

The other was much more profound. The RESOLVE System. A 7 step system to truly overcome and crush virtually any challenge. Yes, ANY. From business, to personal to financial and otherwise.

This discovery might not have happened if not for getting a positive mindset and channeling it properly.

Results finally started happening for me as I got my mindset right. What I once thought was “not for me” ended up being exactly what I needed to make some major improvements in my life. How about you?