Entrepreneurs, small business owners, or startups have to practice resilience, creativity, innovation and a growth mindset to sustain themselves. When faced with a new “normal” as we are currently, everyday tasks can get tricky. How do we get to the light at the end of the tunnel? The professional life can not stop and shift into lounge mode if we want to stay in business. 

Entrepreneurship – Rocking the Boat

Uncertain times call for thinking out of the box. As entrepreneurs, startups, or small business owners we already think out of the box most days but this extraordinary situation requires even more innovation. To put it simply it all depends on how we choose to look at the situation. There is always a solution. 

But when the world is in lockdown how do you keep your small business going? How do you stay connected and creative?  The home office may take some getting used to but here are a few ideas that can help along the way. 

  • Balance – working from home is not an easy skill to master. It takes discipline to find a balance between work time and home time. This takes time and practice since the environment we suddenly find ourselves in is usually perceived by our brain as a “work-free zone”. The message is “You can relax now, you are home.”  All you can do to support these transitions is to be patient but consequent with yourself. For some, working from home may prove to be a daunting task and there may even be some for whom working from home is not ideal at all. Our personality type does play an important part in how we adjust to such a challenge. 
  • Productivity breaks –  these are a must. We take breaks when we are in our usual work setting, whether we want to or not. Colleagues pop by to say hello, or we go to get a coffee. At home, we must remember to step away from the screen. Taking a moment away will rejuvenate the mind and allow you to be more productive.
  • Meaningful connections – to feel connected and creative reach out to those who inspire you, who get your creative juices flowing. As creators, we need to feel that we are producing valuable services. Have sparring partners and allow your abundance of ideas to flow so that your sense of purpose is not lost in the chaos and uncertainty you experience. Get in touch with people you have been meaning to contact. Now, is a time where people are more united and willing to make connections. 
  • Organized meetings – plan the meeting, the agenda, questions, and research. No one wants to waste time. Especially, when we are all under pressure and we feel the time crunch. 
  • Taking care of yourself, mind and body- After all, has been said and the computer has been turned off to take a moment for yourself. Make sure you devote some time to regain balance and focus on your emotional and physical well-being. 
  • Stay Professional – this should go without saying, however, it needs to be pointed out. Show up as if you were going into your place of work, a meeting, or a conference. There is no excuse. Guess what? You will also be more productive if you dress and act the part. The virtual professional world is new to many and part of everyday life for others. In my opinion, some of the basic rules of conduct apply to both worlds. 

Canceling meetings last minute or simply not showing up – is not acceptable. Time is of the essence – we should be mindful of others. Dressing the part also still applies. You would not go to an office or a meeting in your robe or loungewear. Just because a meeting is online does not mean that you are invisible. Details do matter and your brand is reflected in how you present yourself. These are trying times but professionalism has not been canceled. Certain rules do not change.