Who wants to lead a happy and successful life? Everyone. You work hard so that you can achieve your dreams, and enjoy a happy life with your friends and family. Yet, only a few of your friends get what they want, while the rest of you don’t. Do you know why? Negative thinking. Period.

Let us find out what negative thinking is.

What is Negative Thinking?

Whenever you are in a problem, when you anticipate the worst, it is negative thinking. In this day and age, we often encounter problems and stressful situations. We experience several negative emotions like anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness day in and day out. That also means, we get consumed by negative thoughts frequently.

Negative thoughts lead to worry and stress. Stress messes up your immunity, which helps you to resist diseases and infections. When your immunity gets affected, you get susceptible to diseases. From asthma to cardio vascular diseases, depression to diabetes, obesity to cancer, you become vulnerable to several deadly diseases. Your thoughts affect your health. Habits like negative self-talk lead to the vicious cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem. And eventually your mental as well as physical well-being gets hampered. Also when you experience negative thoughts, you become more vulnerable to addictions. This in turn, hampers your physical and mental health further. All of this leads to suffering and unhappiness.

Negative Thinking → Stress → Unhappiness

I don’t want to be unhappy. Tell me how I can lead a healthy and happy life.

What is Positive Thinking?

Focusing on the bright side of the problem is Positive Thinking. A positive thinker stresses on achieving health, happiness and success. He knows where his strength lies. And he is capable of utilizing his strengths properly. When in problem, he knows that he can overcome it successfully.

When you change your outlook towards life, everything falls into place. It is true when they say life is ten person of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you react to it. The power is in your hands. Only you can change your life. Whenever you face a stressful situation, if you focus on your strength and put your best foot forward, you can turn the tables anytime. All you have to do is change the way you think. If you believe in yourself, you can overcome any hurdle. Never let others overpower you. If you are failing at something; take a deep breath and try to analyze the situation. Listen to constructive criticism only. All of this will help you to understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Then, use your strengths to win over your weaknesses. This in turn will help you to come up with a proper solution to your problem. Eventually, you will get what you want and enjoy a happy and successful life.

Positive Thinking→ Achieve your goal → Enjoy a successful Life

Okay, I understood what positive thinking is. Tell me how I can include positive thinking into my life.

How to think positively?

· Befriend positive thinkers: Make friends who practice positive thinking. It helps when you interact with people who keep a positive outlook in life.

· Distract yourself: If you experience the flow of negative thoughts, opt for a distraction. Immerse yourself in something else. Listen to loud music or practice aerobics. This will help you to get rid of negative thoughts.

· Imagine positive change: Imagine or visualize positive and happy situations only.

· Smile often: It is true when they say laughter keeps diseases at bay. Smile often, smile more. It helps.

· Write positive affirmations: Create positive affirmations for yourself and write them on a notebook regularly. It helps you to think positively.

· Be happy: No matter what situation you are in, try to be happy. Happiness really matters.

· Exercise: Exercising makes you fit. A healthy body helps you to build a positive self-image. This in turn helps you to gain confidence and acquire a positive attitude.

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