I am sure we have all heard the saying- If you have nothing good to say, do not say anything at all. With the help of Dr. Masuru Emoto, it has been scientifically proven; that your positive or negative words/thoughts can change the structure of a molecule. Who, what, when, where, and why you might ask? First, let us swiftly review what a molecule is.                     

A molecule is a group of atoms; atoms are the smallest unit of ordinary matter. We are as well as every living thing, made up of many atoms and molecules.

Dr. Masuru Emoto spent 20 years studying and providing scientific evidence of how water molecules transform when exposed to human words, thoughts, and intentions. His work is documented in the New York Times best-seller “The Hidden Messages In Water.”

Dr. Emoto proved during his experiments that water changes from positive and negative thoughts, words, and intentions. Video and pictures of his experiments show water molecule’s ugly distorted images when negatively engaged, while water that has been engaged positively shows beautiful crystal-like structures. The high vibrations from positive words create beautiful water crystals. He describes water to be a living consciousness. Before his death, Emoto made a powerful statement- “Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create an ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

What does this mean to you? For starters, most scientists agree that the human body is 60-70 percent water. So, at a molecular level, your words and actions toward self and one another can alter reality and our perception of reality. A study by pubmed found that children associated with negative self-talk experience high stress and anxiety levels compared to those who engage in positive self-talk.

Most agree that positive thoughts yield positive results. So, with an understanding of Emoto’s study, “positive and negative words not only affect us on a deep psychological level, but they have a significant impact on the outcome of our lives.”

Your psyche, your children, friendships, and relationships can all benefit from this understanding. When utilized properly, your words can propel positive effects and cause positive ripples in life that we do not realize exist. Improving ourselves as well as the ones we love in the process.

Words as simple as, Thank You, Love, Compassion, Truth, Peace, Gratitude, Humility, Appreciate, I Can, and Success can go a long way.

Emoto’s studies are breathtaking to see and study, and they provide a deeper understanding of who we are and the power we possess. Neuroscientists often refer to his work, and I also recommend you to.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

As the saying goes- “positive vibes only.”

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