A morning routine can completely transform your day. Whether it’s a simple lemon and water to get you going or a six step process, there’s something truly satisfying about starting your day with a little bit of control.

At the beginning of the year, I decided that in order to increase my productivity at work, I was going to start my day started doing something I wanted to do, something that my body craved or my mind needed.

By adopting this approach, I have found that as well as my positivity increasing, my work days are far more productive. Of course, it makes sense. I’m content, I feel like I’ve achieved something before the day has even begun and most importantly, no matter what happens that day, I know that I have taken some time to look after myself. Here are my top tips for carving out your morning routine:

You don’t need hours: Your morning routine doesn’t have to be this scary, huge, mapped out process. It should be natural, easy and enjoyable. I try to keep my steps to about 10–15 minutes, because I like my sleep.

Listen to your body: Setting a morning routine that is focused around working out is, frankly, unrealistic for most of us. If you’re tired from a late night at work and don’t feel like hitting the gym or pounding the pavement, what can you do instead? My favorite thing is to open the curtains and crawl back into bed with a cup of coffee and my book.

But sweat if you can: Getting your workout in before heading to the office is nothing new — it definitely makes you feel better. My advice is to shake it up as much as possible, run, do yoga, try a HIIT class. And if all else fails, join a gym that charges you for cancelling a class late.

Try meditation: My mind starts racing the moment I wake up and I am constantly looking forward. I also know that I feel so much better if I put aside ten minutes a day to be present and be still. Start small, one minutes, two minutes, and in time, you’ll find that ten minutes is all it takes.

Get outside: Spend some time in the fresh air before you get into work. No matter where you live, getting outside can work wonders for the soul. The elements, the air, there’s something beautifully simple about taking a few deep breaths outside.

Be creative: Especially if you know you have something big that day — an interview, a meeting, a conversation with your boss — writing a journal, sketching and painting can all help calm the mind and help you find stillness. Especially if your job lacks the creativity you crave, use your mornings to nurture your passion and fullfil you for the day.

Give your routine time. Test different activities. Do what you love. What do you incorporate into your morning routine that helps you with your positivity and productivity?

Originally published at medium.com