On yesterday Thrive Global posted a question as to if you post positive things on social media. This truly got me thinking and for the most part my answer is: Yes. In being human I have posted and spoke generally about my frustrations as well as having done a response Facebook Live in reference to a negative statements toward me in which I sang briefly my sentiments through the song “Get the Funk Out My Face” by Brothers Johnson.

The majority of the time I have chosen and continue to choose keeping things on “the positive tip” and I wanted to share the ways in which I do it.


Stress Check Wednesday; every Wednesday I encourage people to stop and take a moment to assess their stress level in an effort to take needed action. #StressCheckWednesday


Stress Less Saturday and Sunday; on Saturdays and Sundays I try to encourage and inspire people to do something that reduces their stress and it could be anything from enjoying a good cup of coffee, reading a book or magazine, spending quality time with their families to enjoying great food. #StressLessSaturday #StressLessSunday


Encouraging Words to Job Seekers: I was inspired by a person on LinkedIn that just wanted to encourage people to let them know that they do have valid skills and are important to the job market. Therein was born #PositiveWordsForJobSeekers


In general if I see a great quote or video or someone has written something inspiring I truly believe and am committed to “Sharing is caring”.


In conclusion I believe that we can positively impact others. If you are looking around and don’t see positivity, look within and create it yourself. When it comes to creating good you don’t need permission or approval all you need is a heart and compassion for your fellow man.

Your Thoughts

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you can do, or have seen others do to create positiveness in social media.


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