I have to admit, as an extrovert for most of the hours of the day, I am excited about this enforcement of social distancing. In a society where being constantly “on” and stimulated, is the norm, I hunger for these days of solitude even if it means home with my 5 year old. This worldwide event may just be a signal to pause, come back to basics, the necessities, and settling into oneself, your thoughts and feelings without the influence of others. So I’m taking advantage of it all! The following are 10 relatively simple things to do during your time in quarantine:

  1. Detox Challenge—perfect timing for such a positive driven challenge. Pick your favorite or the one you have been wanting to try for a while now and track your results. For me, this isolation motivates me in getting back on track with my keto lifestyle, along with my journey on going caffeine free. The usual distractions of the hustle and bustle of scheduled day of todo’s, appointments, and errands are on hiatus so instead, fill it with what may serve towards a positive shift on your well-being.
  2. At home library and the good old kindle—I’ve read one book a day, reminding me of how wonderful it is to escape through this Avenue. As an author, the relaxation of reading just to read and without a purpose has gotten me into a funk. So many literary influences had advised me to read only my genre but I love all kinds of books! So, I will adhere to the beautiful quote that stuck with me–One day, the girl that read all the books, became the one to write them. I am a multifaceted being, and I am positive I will be a multi faceted author, inspired by the many stories, genres, and experiences of my own and others. This practice ignited a renewed fire within, exciting me to embark on my next book!
  3. Guilty pleasures—catch up on every single show, podcast, tutorial, or movies. Baking has been the most beautiful, delicious, and calming of all my self care acts. To watch baking shows and gleaning from the experts are a fun way for me to pass time. Who doesn’t love an out of the world creation made to eat. That makes me smile immediately along with my five year old’s incessant requests to make whatever is on television. Glad she has such high regards for her mama!
  4. FaceTime and Zoom—I am never one to FaceTime but it does suffice to connect and I am loving it!! As a spiritual medium and lifecoah, my sessions have always been deemed by my clients as the only way to have. But through this crisis, I’ve welcomed technology in a much more loving way and now encourage more sessions through this outlet. Energy isn’t bound by time nor space so this is a reminder for me to trust my abilities as a psychic beyond the five senses. Exciting!
  5. Music blasting—dancing and singing til my heart gives out is a fun way to engage with Quinn and my inner child. I dedicate at least an hour of this a day. It is so much to let go, nobody is watching, and Quinn is my biggest fan so no insecurities there, not to mention the cardio. This also allows stagnant energy trapped in the body to move and release so that you are in essence, cultivating brand new positive energy.
  6. Grateful Meditation–This is second nature to me, but I have to admit the outside world has made it difficult. So in a way, this ability to focus all my meditations to being grateful is coming back to basics. Taking a deep inhale and focusing just on my breath as if fills every nook and cranny of my form. Its only purpose is to serve me to my best and highest good. I continue this until I am so full of calm and peace then I hold my attention over my heart area, where gratefulness, healing, and connected-ness resides. I then say all the things I am grateful for; Thank you for my backyard, thank you for my breath, thank you for my home, thank you for this body, my mind, my gifts, and to all the people doing their part to spread kindness, love, and positivity. Love wins.

Through this time of crisis, remember to turn on the optimistic view to life. Do not let the world outside make you bitter and hard, let it be the inspiration for you to come home to your inner light and shine. Be one of the many lights in the world and spread hope.