Positivity is Overrated

Sometimes it showers happiness

Sometimes its all about clamminess

Sometimes it clusters sadness

Sometimes its all about brightness

– Shikha Bhat

Life is not a linear motion that you can go from point A to B without any roadblocks. It’s more of a non-linear entity where you are directed towards your destination using the unexpected pathways and trajectory.

Surprisingly, whichever path you choose at one or the other given moment of life, you will find yourself caged inside a roller coaster of emotions. At that given moment, everyone close to you would always end up saying:

“Be Positive”

Trust me. Stop even considering that if it’s not coming to you naturally. Yes, you heard it right. Consider emotions like life milestones that are important for you to become a worthy human being.

It’s all about being human. In fact, studies confirm that negative thoughts are equally important and vital for our well being and mental health. As per an article shared by a psychotherapist Tori Rodrigues, emotions such as anger and sadness are very well part of human experience.

And if anyone starts suppressing these thoughts, it would eventually start affecting your mental well being.

Without negative experiences, you can never feel satisfied with the good things in life. So, whenever someone pokes you about being negative. Tell them one thing.

“These emotions will help me get past all the bad things in life.”

Remember accepting negative thoughts will help you get clarity of what’s happening. Otherwise, you will always feel confused about your surroundings.

Getting a clear picture of your situation must be your priority than worrying about people’s judgements.

Positivity is overrated,

So are people.

It’s time live every emotion

And free yourself from the

Worries of judgements.

– Shikha Bhat

To everyone who is feeling low or is trying harder to smile, just do one thing and breathe. Give yourself some time to deal with your emotions. That’s the only sure shot way to moving on.

Or else you will always be tied up with that situation no matter how hard you try.

Don’t ignore what’s in your mind and let your mind process in the way it is supposed to be.

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