What is your one go-to habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

For many, the key to a successful day is planning daily activities and tasks the night before by actually writing down what needs to be accomplished in order of importance. Over the years, this simple exercise has allowed executives to remain focused each day, every day and minimize their time in non-productive activities and distractions.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to maximize their time to make each day as productive as possible. While they know life is not always planned and the hours in a day are limited, utilizing every minute efficiently is important, especially in a competitive business environment.

Further, they’ve learned over the years that exuding a positive attitude can affect many areas of their health and well-being. Afterall, having an optimistic outlook is a key part of effective stress management and can help you handle unpleasant situations in a constructive way.

Michael Majeed, a Toronto-based consultant and executive with more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry, shares 3 ways to make you more productive as an entrepreneur.

Positive Mental Attitude

Your attitude shapes the perception of your day. Having a positive attitude is important for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that it can be infectious. Not only can it influence your co-workers, exuding a positive attitude can go a long way with clients, as well.

Be confident. Start each day ready to face challenges and daily struggles, but keep your focus on solutions, not problems. Don’t run from or avoid obstacles. Cultivating this type of positive outlook creates energy for great things to happen. Always looking on the bright side may sound cliché, but optimism is the main staple of a positive personal attitude.

Prioritize Tasks

We all have full plates. Somedays, those plates seem to overflow; however, by focusing most of your efforts on more urgent or top value tasks, you will be able to achieve more than you did before and still have time left to spare for other things.

Whether you are working for a tech startup or you’re a senior level executive working for a multinational corporation, prioritizing your daily activities is critical to your own individual success and to the success of your organization.

For entrepreneurs who are trying to make their mark in business, prioritizing revenue generating activity reigns over all else and is a full time commitment. For instance, ask yourself: how will you improve sales this month over the previous month? What additional services are your clients requesting and how will you deliver it to them?

All of the above questions directly impact your bottom line and why it is imperative to prioritize your daily activities to those of revenue generating activities if you wish to grow and succeed in this competitive environment.

Start Your Day Early

The old adage ‘the early bird gets the worm’ is a philosophy every entrepreneur should live by. There is so much that can be accomplished in those early morning hours. Your day should start early, reviewing the markets, checking emails, phone calls, servicing existing clients and prospecting for new clients.

Typically, C-level executives are also early risers, so if you need to get a hold of a high-level client, it is best to call first thing in the morning. If you work in the finance industry, start each day with a detailed market and economic overview. Check the markets. Visit finance websites. Read about world issues. Do whatever it is you need to do to educate yourself about your industry that would be pertinent to your day.

By starting your day early, you are prepared with direction and intention.

There is no better way to maximize your productivity than to follow these strategies with commitment and consistency. If there is one thing that will help you succeed, it is persistence. Persistence and continuing to organize and plan gives you the mindset to bring the most value that you can to all of your business ventures.

About Michael Majeed

Michael Majeed is a Senior Financial Consultant and Regional Sales Manager for a leading SR&ED tax credit firm, Arck Innovative Consulting Corporation, in Markham, ON.

Through years of experience, Michael has the ability to build long term profitable relationships with corporate, institutional and high net-worth individuals by providing customized financial solutions and business advisory services. When he is not working, Michael enjoys traveling, cooking and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs.