The great thing about reflecting on International Women’s Day is it calls for everyone to pause and appreciate the women in their lives. Too often we forget to share our gratitude and our stories. There is power in women telling their stories and helping others to do the same. I love that I have the opportunity to keep the spirit of International Women’s Day going this week and put a spotlight on women that we are inspired by here at Postmates.

Personally, I remain grateful for the colleagues and mentors who have taken interest in my career and supported my personal and professional growth. Bastian Lehmann, Postmates Co-founder and CEO, supported  my career trajectory towards becoming Postmates’ Chief Financial Officer while also balancing becoming a mom (at exactly the same time). Someday soon it won’t be surprising to see a woman (and mom nonetheless) in a lead financial role at a company — doing it all, if they so choose. 

Today, and every day, is about amplifying voices. The voices I’m sharing with you today are those from the Postmates Fleet who work hard every day and night to make local goods more accessible. Even more importantly, they are at the same time pursuing their life’s passions: starting non-profits, getting their education, creating art, raising children and more. As we celebrate International Women’s Day all week long, I am thrilled to share the stories of Maria, Joan, Sunshyne, McKenzie, Molly and Alesah with you. They inspire me, I hope they do the same for you.

Maria Elena Cruz
When Maria Elena Cruz isn’t busy raising her children in San Diego, she’s creating her next awe-inspiring art collection. That, or she’s teaching art classes to help people process their life experiences. “I love using art as a form of wellness and recovery. I started an organization, Dial Art, over ten years ago. One of my favorite things to do is to work with women in recovery. Since art has been my healing tool over the years, I [want] to help them gather a sense of peace… a place to let go and receive wisdom through our creative process.”

Joan Sullivan
Joan Sullivan is a literal rockstar in Los Angeles. Joan is the lead vocalist, writer, and bassist for a band called Freak Fingers and tells us, “The band consists of my life partner and I making music together. We aim to be the next John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but the version where they fall in love.”

Sunshyne HendersonSunshyne Henderson lives up to her name by bringing a few rays of sunshine to women that suffer from violence. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sunshyne volunteers more than 30 hours a week at Communities Partnering 4 Peace. CP4P’s mission is to “provide a comprehensive, long-term approach to provide trauma-informed care, hyper-local collaboration, and restorative justice to communities affected by gun violence.” Sunshyne mainly works with women at risk and hopes she can help change the world and the lives of the women in her community.McKenzie Ford
McKenzie Ford is an honor student in Spokane Washington, and is on her way to becoming an occupational technician. She is also a registered behavior technician helping kids with autism and the founder of Project Divinity. In her own words: “It’s essentially a food drive for hygiene products. Over the past year, I’ve developed this into a pantry that men, women, and non-binary people can use… it includes makeup, soap, shower and bathroom essentials, and luxury items such as face masks, lotion, and nail polishes.” After presenting her pantry at the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, she helped 13 other schools start pantries like hers.

Molly Deutschman
Molly Deutschman, San Diego, volunteers her time to deliver care packages to the homeless residents she passes on the street. Each package includes things like socks, toothbrushes, combs, snacks, and tampons.  She says, “When I started doing Postmates, I realized how many homeless people there really were. Driving around everywhere really shows how much of an issue it is. I try to treat them as equals and offer a little help.”

Alesah Richardson

Alesah Richardson, Charlotte, NC,  is currently building a business to coach people. Her passion is to teach people self-love and is in the process of planning a Self-Care retreat called 50 Shades of Pink Self-Care Retreat. She’s also an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault and works in the community with different organizations bringing awareness to these issues. She says, “I would love to start a movement with #MEFIRST. This movement would be to bring awareness to understand that it is okay to put yourself first. As a survivor, I know that self-care can be the last thing to think about doing. That’s why I am taking a stand to spread the importance of self-care. The more it’s being talked about the more people will start to listen. Self-care is important. How can one help others if they are not helping themselves first?”


  • Kristin Schaefer



    Kristin Schaefer is the CFO at Postmates. Prior to this role, she served as SVP of Finance & Strategy, overseeing business strategy and growth. Since joining Postmates in 2013, she has been responsible for marketing, analytics, finance and certain aspects of operations. She oversaw revenue growth, the launch of thousands of new cities, the roll-out of Postmates' merchant partner and membership programs, and helped to raise funding. Prior to Postmates, Kristin worked at PayPal, Clarium Capital and Monitor Group. Kristin has a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from UC Berkeley.