Now, girl, I know you are a goal-smashing, gym-hitting, socially-shining badass superwomen, who meditates like a monk, mixes best cocktails in town, runs couple charities on the side, and is about to achieve even more. So is your other half, right (does not matter if it’s in your plans or reality)? When two of you are out and about you shine so bright people wear shades, they also call you a power couple. And, damn they are right! Two of you can get through practically any storm.

All highs and lows of life are a like a smooth highway for you when you join your forces.

You see an opportunity in every challenge, just as your coach ordered you.

You shine together: in business, in life, in the social scene, you create together and make real magic happen.

Nothing can ever stand in your way…

Or nothing could… until two of you walked into one kitchen together.

This is the place where power couples do get tested hard. I mean all of it: the nerves, the tastes, the flexibility. When you are co-creating with your lovey-dovey things, get really weird really fast.

My husband and I met in an exciting moment: I was about to release my first book, he was getting up to speed with his new company. Imagine book tour, business meetings that were throwing us all around the planet from India to Mexico, to the States and back. Sounds intense, right? So we decided to join forces. Got a place in LA, a place where we could co-create.

We got a kitchen and a spice rack. Now imagine two confident entrepreneurs walking in the kitchen. Each one with his agenda on the mind:

If you and your special one seem to be knocking heads when trying to co-create, there is one thing I need you to know (and trust me, learned that one, not an easy way). In life, kitchen and business you and your boo are just trying to do what’s best for each other. Look at me loading my Indian husband with Indian spices when all he’s trying to have is some fresh veg, that’s pure love! Same goes for business: the fights, the disagreements are just expression of love. All you are trying to do is to make sure you partner avoids mistakes you once have done in business, right? He is doing just the same.

Though many reconciliations are done in that LA kitchen of ours, there are few things my husband and I learned about making that “power couple” thing work in all areas of life:

Adjust the speed

He might be not as extroverted as you are. He might process information though quite thinking, while you do the same though jumping on 10 calls to with and advisors. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Remember, it’s nothing personal. Observe and give your love by recognizing his style of work and making it easy for 2 of you to meet “halfway”.

Throw away old recipes, make new ones together

You both are rocking it in life and business, and sure you have a whole cookbook filled with “how-tos” for every possible situation. You got those know-hows though blood sweat and tears. Burned dinners if we are talking kitchen. Burnt nerves and money when we are discussing making things happen as an entrepreneur. Who would want their boo to go through blood sweat and tears?

So you fight. You fight him hard because you know it will be better for him to do things your way.

Guess what, girl? He’s been in the game for quite some time as well. Got his bruises which brought some powerful lessons. He’s fighting you hard because he wants the best outcome for you.

Dead circle, right?

Wrong! You are in a new game now: the one where you both make new recipes that work for both of you. In the kitchen, you mix his grandma’s traditional recipes with your hip superfood spices and … voila! A new “know how” to add to the family cookbook or a new.

Master observer becomes a master-chief

I know you are used to be ahead of the game. But in power couple relationship there is no competition, we already established that. If one of you is winning, both of you are ahead of the game. So if some time for both of you to get there, you need to take one step back and let your partners take the lead… by all means, do it, girl!

I’ll spill one of our secrets here: some of the new recipes we made state for one of us to sit back, relax and let the other one cook things up his or her way. Then celebrate the master chief success together. And trust me: sometimes one of you who dares to step back makes the tremendous contribution to the success of your super-power unit!

What are the tricks you found for rocking high while in a relationship with another high-achiever? Share your thoughts!