Gold Standard CLC’s View on Mental Health Today

I had the honor of sitting down with Coral Springs, Florida’s newest heroes. Ms. Jacqueline Cagney and Mr. Alfonso Becerra, are the President and Vice President of Gold Standard CLC, a counseling and life coaching organization that works with individuals, couples and children of all ages. Their company has grown a reputation for helping and becoming saviors for many people in South Florida dealing with mental health issues. Through their one-on-one sessions, seminars, awareness campaigns, and events to raise money for different causes, they’ve managed to impact many lives. I wanted to find out why, in a business filled with competitors they stood out on top. This was their take on mental health today, their beliefs, and what they do to help others.

“In today’s fast-paced society connected with billions of digital devices, feeling alone, uncertain and anxious is a perplexing paradox. The world has never been so populated, I have so many means of communication. Why do I hear only noise — noise with no meaning?

People pursue career goals, rush through a whirlwind of work and traffic to get to their families, often without ever thinking about true incentives, things that make them tick and give that spark of feeling alive.

And while you will go to the dentist if your tooth aches, mental health is still overlooked. At the same time, it holds the keys to how you think and feel. If you don’t take care of your mind, it will be almost impossible to get work, play and rest balanced.

Turning the page and starting to put yourself first may require a different approach, you might need help. Gold Standard CLC is a counseling and life coaching company with over 30 years of experience. We have a passion for enhancing holistic health and wellness. The idea is to help people live empowered lives and embrace happiness within their true selves.

Mental health obstacles

What are the problems people face? In a highly competitive job market with demanding work hours and little time for personal life, it’s hard to stay confident. One of the ways to tackle that doubt is to build strong resilient self-esteem.

Unlike Europe, the US is known for frequent movement of people across the country for a new job or opportunity. Under that golden cloak of success hides a monster of uncertainty. A holistic approach to your mental wellbeing can help you adjust to new changes in your life with ease.

Maybe the hardest thing for a modern employee is to make work, home, rest equation work. This is one of the many stress factors surrounding everyday life. Learning how to cope with things that don’t go your way or how to handle stress with a solution focus mindset is an essential skill that will empower your mental health.

Setting problems aside, or more realistically finding a way to deal with them will open up the you-time. In a feel-good, be good and do good approach that focuses on the holistic wellness of a person’s mind body and soul, Gold Standard CLC counseling’s day life coaching will help you unlock the ability to enjoy life, have fun and laugh.

With the power of mental health, you could develop and maintain lasting and fulfilling relationships. The ability to listen, respect and not take anything for granted, and expect vice-versa from your partner is possible if you have balance within yourself.

“Our conviction is basically to unlock a world of endless possibilities while enhancing mental well-being. We are dedicated to inspire people to live more functional lives and harness their various strengths.”, said Alfonso Bercerra from Gold Standard CLC.

Some of the advice for a healthier mind and soul are well known and documented. You probably know that you have to eat better, get good quality sleep every night, and hang out more with friends and family. These activities can charge up your batteries, they seem straightforward, and yet so many of us fail in mental health basics.

Counseling support in veteran Gold Standard organization will strive to unleash unlimited potentials that can be harnessed through inspiration, support, and motivation.

Two words echo through the mind when thinking about mental wellbeing. Appreciation and purpose are the keys to enjoying life more. It can work on primal levels like doing things you like in life often, or on a more spiritual way where counseling will help you find meaning and purpose in your life.

Often we want to run to the top of the standings in all areas of work, on the other hand appreciating what you have is the best emotional charger besides love. If you can make all daily activities something you will enjoy you’re successful in tackling good mental health.

Ways to get there

With 30 years of experience, Gold Standard CLC have different approaches for getting to the goal. Among the most popular services are the workshops. Our company provides orientation, specific training, and hands-on workshops. They come in different forms from lectures, through discussions, up to informal tailor-made seminars.

There is a program for handling addiction ranging from alcohol and drug abuse, compulsive spending and work behavior, food and gambling problems. Certified addiction professionals will point out the way your addiction is affecting you and the ones closest to you. Gold Standard are experts in assessing the situation and guiding you to appropriate additional support resources.

Work-life balance is a very popular service that will assess needs, explore change strategies and provide resources to balance work responsibilities with family and recreational activities. Consultation on work-life issues includes caregivers’ stress, family and significant relationships, financial stress, parenting, stress and time management.

Above mentioned hectic modern workplace world gave berth to career development service with Gold Standard CLC . Job coaching explores workload overwhelm, communication barriers, burn out syndrome, advancements, skill training and goal setting.

For individuals who want to maximize physical, emotional and occupational well-being, Gold Standard CLC has an emotional wellness service where they paint a holistic view of the individual. Experienced consultants help individuals to establish a commitment toward change, set specific goals and tackle problems like addiction/compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety and stress management, mental health, relationships, parenting, personal development and muchmore.

Core values

The things Gold Standard CLC counseling & life coaching brand is pursuing are extraordinary, and their approach is like no other mental health service provider out there. Putting people first will have a positive impact on the whole society. Life coaching is a great responsibility, and values behind it must reflect the final goal.

Self-expression is one of Gold Standard’s core values. The idea is to inspire people to put their best selves forward to achieve the basic necessity of life, happiness.

Guiding individuals through the path of self-discovery from a personalized perspective and ensuring they achieve life goals and become better people outlines the commitment value.

Inclusion and diversity mean contributing our quota to making the world a better place without discrimination. Through motivation Gold Standard CLC aims to improve the quality of life by inspiring them to recondition their minds from bad thoughts toward positivity.

Giving back to the community, making a positive impact and doing charitable services along with raising awareness of the mental health issues is important to our unique brand.

Finally, passion is the value that reflects through the love for the work that puts smiles on the faces of people.

Charity work

It is impossible to work on the happiness of individuals without caring about society. Gold Standard CLC has a long history of charitable events, and the next one will be held on December 14th at Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, Florida. The Beauty of Children Fashion Show will benefit the Children of St Jude Research Hospital. Raised funds will help to create awareness for children fighting cancer, and will also allow the hospital to continue their research which has already made an incredible impact in cancer treatment for children.”

Jacqueline Cagney and Alfonso Becerra can be contacted at:

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