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You have heard it many times. Karma, Gurus, Mantras. In Sanskrit language, the mantra is called Shloka or Slogam. Now your mental image may go to a saint chanting ‘OM’ in Himalayan forest in the Yoga position. Mantras are not just meant for Saints or people who have renounced the world. Everyone in the world from the moment they are born and till they leave the Earth need it.

Social media, fake news, constant fear, uncertainty – have impacted us. We can’t concentrate on anything even for few minutes. The urge to check the social media updates and respond to that Whatsapp message overpower us. What and who said last week still lingers in our mind. We can’t let go off the thoughts even though we realize it is affecting us. ‘I want peace’ is in everyone’s wish list! In 2020, it is hard to get an appointment with the counsellor or psychic.

Ancient Indian literature and wisdom has left us with the tool called Mantras. It could be a one syllable world like ‘OM’ or a set of verses. Many of them comes from Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata – revered epics from India. Its psychological impact is immense. Constant practice gives you the calmness. Your pent-up anger vanishes. You long to develop the bonding with your family and friends.

Many typical Indian families starts the day with the mantras played in the background. Men and Women do their regular chores reciting them mentally. Some of the used during prayer time. Family religious rituals and temple functions will surely have many of them.

What’s the secret? Is it just the repetition of the words? The vibration of seed syllables in the mantras? Or during the chanting your thoughts and focus change to new subjects? Positive Psychology? Or Placebo effect? Like the effects from Yoga and Meditation, more studies are being done on the effect of Mantras.

Covid brought us new opportunities when it comes to learning. Traditionally, Shlokas are taught from Guru-Shishya formal school of learning (known as Gurukulam). But technology helps to connect the learned teacher to anyone in the world. ‘Teach them young’ is very much applicable for Shlokas. The pronunciation of the mantras which are in Sanskrit is particularly important to gain the benefits. Schools like are making big impact to the future generation by giving opportunity to learn mantras in your own pace.

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