Every action is experiment. It means there is a miraculous element between action and result. It is recognizing this element that supremely relaxes you, opens up to limitless possibilities. Connects one to the Original.

Staying with ambiguity, uncertainty is discomforting for the mind. Once you rest with this discomfort – whole energy is here. You are on the magical ground.

We avoid facing fundamental resistance which life presents to us time and again when we encounter discomforting, irritating situations.

Why you have to face the resistance? Not the answer but simply being with the resistance ‘as it is’- is the key.

If there is no resistance, there is no life. Once you see this, totality takes over.

Now your desire, lack, discomfort provide contrast (resistance) to manifestation, to the new.

There is essentially resistance, gap between what you imagine, what you want and what is going to happen, the result. Religion has tried to cover up this gap by explanations as God’s will, prayer, positive thinking, karma and so on. Can you see that no explanation can cover up this gap? Unless you are comfortable with this gap-you are living in illusory comfort, which is shattered time and again to let you explore. Staying with the gap instantly connects you to the limitless field.