Power of subconscious

Mastering power of subconscious begins with understanding the traditional teachings about the subconscious. In traditional psychology, the subconscious, also known as the unconscious, is believed to be a mental storage site — a repository of memories, emotions, habits and associations. These stored elements form beliefs that operate outside of your awareness, determining who you are, how you act and what your life looks like. To gain control of the undesirable aspects of your life, you must become aware of what is stored in your subconscious and the beliefs it has engendered.

Understanding The Power of Subconscious

Power of subconscious mind begins by moving into what I call vertical awareness, the consciousness of self in the moment. Your thoughts have created a horizontal field of energy stretching in all directions — the literal meaning of feeling scattered or spread too thin. But thought stops in a state of vertical awareness. The following brief exercise will give you a glimpse of vertical awareness. Read through the paragraph below, then find a quiet place. Empty your mind of all you were told or thought you knew about the subconscious and enjoy the short exercise that follows.

Subconscious Mind Exercises

Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 7. Hold for a few moments. Then breathe out to the count of 8 through partially closed lips. Repeat two more times. Visualize a net of energy extending horizontally in all directions. This is your thought field. Take a leap of faith and let go of your thought field, trusting that you don’t need to hold onto it. Let go of the field and you instantly come back to yourself. Inner silence signals the arrival of your power. Now imagine your physical body enveloped by a column of energy that begins below your feet and extends above your head. In vertical awareness what is above merges with what is below; as above so below. You feel the rush of unified consciousness and have taken the first step toward unleashing power of subconscious.

Change Your MindSet

The mind is so powerful that it can create and even change events. It can alter circumstances and manipulate conditions, whether physical or otherwise. No matter what is in store for you, without your mindset being in alignment, it cannot manifest. This accounts for why the issue of faith is always reduced to the person affected. If you want a phenomenal change, you must first believe that it can happen, otherwise you will defeat the entire purpose. This also accounts for why some people effect such changes, but end up losing it. They did not allow the idea take root in their minds and mere visual circumstances deterred them. The result is that they weakened the power of their minds and lost the attendant ability to alter circumstances.

It all boils down to this; if you want to change your circumstances, you have to change your mind set. You have to fill your mind with the idea which you want to bring to fruition. Once this idea takes root and grows, what you need for it to manifest will come to you. Recall how Moses got help from his cousin even when he feared for his stuttering? Time and again, in the history of the world, circumstances have been repeated proving the primacy of mind power and the ability of people to do the extra ordinary by exercising the power of their mind. That has not changed today; the mind is as powerful today as it has always been. The ball lies in the court of those who desire to bring about change in the world to start by developing their most potent power; that of the mind.