“Never be afraid to change course” Tom Bilyeu claims boldly. Listening in awe to Tom Bilyeu’s seminar, the founder of Quest Nutrition, I sat transfixed by his message. His philosophy Impact Theory and his belief that human potential is limitless has had a profound influence on me. People’s upbringings can be a barrier to success, but one’s mindset, experiences, and willingness to change course are the major driving forces to being successful inside and outside of the gym.

Bilyeu’s goal is to “end the poverty of poor mindset” (Bilyeu). This theory ignites a powerful incentive for those who want to face some of life’s greatest challenges. His empowering philosophy is also based on the book, “Mindset”, which is comprised of a conglomerate of fundamental ideas of extremely sage and valuable advice to stimulate others to achieve. The Impact Theory deals with psychological wellness on a global scale. Being grateful, building roads, and controlling your own destiny delivers value to yourself and to the world. Identifying yourself through self-mastery using the mind and body, then undergoing self-transformation, motivates a person to achieve in life and to fulfill his or her own potential.

Incredible ideas do not originate from the average person, but unique thoughts exude from those who are “ridiculous and not afraid”, explained Bilyeu. “It is not about skill set, but having the willingness to become something you’re not” (Bilyeu). He also revealed his tactics, portraying the idea of feeding yourself with knowledge and having the capacity to use that information to build a limitless world around you. A very useful strategy he expressed was to write out your individual goals and visualize the final products to one day be great and create greatness.

“What is considered a life well-lived?” Tom Bilyeu asked. Well, dream big, never give up, be selfish when necessary, be humble, and add value to your life. The impact one can make on the world is limitless. It all begins with one step each day with a wholesome mindset to one day achieve excellence. One’s moral compass should drive value and refine instincts into your soul to become genuine and show the world the true definition of “success”. The most integral lesson that I learned was to “portray transparency to show everyone” your true greatness (Bilyeu).

Originally published at fitfoodjunkies.com