The biggest mystery is; “What begins the drive in the first place?” And “Why is getting started the hardest part?”

Our world consists of uncountable inspirations that orbit around us all the time. But our ideas will require an intentional action to put them into full motion! One thing is for certain that it will take several ideas to collide together to be that one breakthrough!

“You can look and see what parts of the brain light up when we are creating something, but what is really interesting is the bit that comes before that, which I’m not sure you can measure or quantify: what it is that engages us, that makes us want to write or draw, that holds our attention to the extent that we pour the effort of creating into it.”

Catherine Cole.

Often our creative insights will come to us when we least expect it, and we strike upon a genius idea in what is called an ‘eureka’ moment. While others may dedicate years or even decades deriving a conception of an idea that is built-up over the course of time. These are usually based on a foundation of insight and experience in a specific area.

But having data and knowledge is basic to creative thinking and is simply not enough. We must place more emphasis on the value of intersecting our ideas with diverse groups of individuals versus protecting or sheltering them. But ultimately each of us must be willing to be vulnerable and authentic enough to reveal ourselves. This is a learned practice to submit and listen to the constructive criticism of others.

This is called the meeting of the minds.

These unlikely collaborations will provide us with opportunities to learn from the experiences of others, and create unique platforms to borrow and combine together new or old ideas in unexpected ways! The process is unpredictable and we must leave room within; because what may have been overlooked could quite possibly come to light!

It’s then that a surprising thing may happen; that a good idea (as it is) has self-expanding qualities! And perhaps will stimulate those who see this potential to come along side of us and contribute the specific building blocks that are missing. The resources needed will ignite through the cultivation of relationships! Our network (old and new) is invaluable to sustain excellence from the point of conception to implementation.

If we learn to trust and follow our intuitions it may attract some of the resources necessary to spur our visions to come to life! Our intuition is often the pathway to new insights, and the heart of fostering the flow of creativity. This is learning to operate in a special mode to thrive; driven by spirit, leading with energy, and the bravery to voice high-impact ideas and concepts.

This is the meaning to be truly seen and known for who we really are.

There is power in the unpredictable collision of ideas! But it’s equally important to create a personalized think-lab that will provide an environment to be still and simply daydream, chase ideas, and lean into whatever stimulates our imagination and emotions.

Our ideas are powerful constructs; provided they are articulated and handled efficiently. If you do generate a significant volume of ideas; consider this an excellent problem to have! It is good practice to document your ideas. This will allow having a point of reference in a unified format to describe and quantify your concepts, features, or other outcomes of your inspiration. Think of this log as a prioritized set of forecasted concepts; and focus on measurable impact and continuous improvements. This is the sum total of all our hunches.

When the backend work is done regularly, inspiration will strike often and will remain in constant motion. It’s when we have confidence and embrace our creativity the floodgates open; and we will begin taking steps towards creating something fresh and new!

This is where the magic begins!

Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, and Isaac Newton all appeared to enjoy the best of both worlds: the ability to freely make connections between unrelated ideas; coupled with insights to know which are actually valuable, and which should be discarded.

Think of it like a jig-saw puzzle and ask yourself “How will all these moving parts come together?”

More often than not it’s the when that is more important than igniting the idea itself. Our ideas are just the starting points. Because it’s one thing to come-up with something, but quite another to clear the many obstacles that stand between the point of conception to something viable. We each will require different activation energy to get started.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

Steve Jobs.

The bridge to activation will have personalized moving variables for each of us. And of course the more challenging an idea or action is, the more activation energy it will require!

Those that are powered by ideas talk about the future as if it occurred already; and have an ability to communicate innovative visions so vividly that we cannot help but get excited! This is the art of seeing what isn’t yet there, and working to create what does not yet exist.

Think smart and lean – no idea is too small. In-fact small in many cases is better than big because it is nimble, closer to the problem, more in-touch with the solutions, and often can be adapted quickly when a change or shift occurs.

 “Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill.”

Chadwick Boseman.

It starts with an individual and an idea; but it will take a few brave and creative individuals to embrace the idea and walk the unknown path that lies ahead. Our future is uncharted, and we often can’t map it because we won’t be able to always envision an end to our work or what it will ultimately look like.

This is the recipe for innovation!

Take this ‘life inventory’ with me today and believe in yourself, have confidence in your gifts, faith in your potential, and the courage to stand against the fear of risk to follow your unique path. BE powered and take each day as it comes…one-step at a time. You are working towards something that will make a difference in someone’s life and hopefully in many generations to come!

The change that really matters will take a long-term committed effort, and that happens one person at a time!

Anything is possible – release your ideas into the nets of reality!


  • Sarah Fisher


    LifeOrbit, LLC.

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