Today I share with you a Powerful Greek ‘mantra’ that Trains Your Brain for Optimum Results for Health & Success in Anything ! The vibrational frequency of the Greek language has a powerful effect on the brain.
The Greek language is a universal language, an intelligent language that vibrates in very special frequencies that help us increase our perception and focus.

“Several studies by Greek and foreign scientists have indicated that the Ancient Greek language, apart from being a living language, is also a therapeutic one, as it is said to posses the ability to cure many disorders, for example dyslexia.According to a theory by British classicist Professor Eric A. Havelock, which is based on the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the ancient Greek alphabet caused many abstract concepts to be conceived in the ancient Greek world, due to the unique brain activation of its users. The theory is presented along with many other conclusions by top foreign scientists, philologists and linguists in the 400-page volume ‘The Alphabet and the Brain: The Lateralization of Writing,” which was published in 1988 by Springer.”
​From The Greek Reporter