Powerful Learning How A Painful Accident Brought Enriching Life Change

Life change is something I seem to have had running constantly through time. With good reason too. There was a lot of stuff I never understood in my life. And a life changing traffic accident in Zimbabwe was a huge part of that.

In August of 1996, not long after my 21st birthday, and just a month after an Army medical had pronounced me in perfect health. I kid you not, the two doctors made a big point of informing me that in the 30 years they had been doing medical examinations they had never seen anyone in my state of physical health. Up until that point I had never had a broken bone or an operation. I was able to read the eye chart all the way through and back to front, including the bottom line. And never dropped a frequency or volume level on the listening test.

Yet a month later, I was in a rural hospital bed in Zimbabwe, with unbeknown to me, two nasty fractures and a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, along with half the cartilage gone on one knee.

My world had gone upside down in the blink of an eye.

I my heart of hearts I knew my dream career was gone. But I couldn’t let go.

Over the following eight years I became very bitter about it. I focused blame outwards. Directing the rage I felt towards my situation at the Zimbabwean tour company driver who had never even checked his mirrors while he was reversing.

Having that life long dream snatched away was crushing. At least, I was allowing the negativity of it all to crush me on a pretty much daily basis. Four knee reconstructions had helped, though nothing was able to bring me back to full health. It was killing me.

Good Life Change Also Happens In The Blink Of An Eye

In 2004 I began getting into personal development in a big way.

In the August of 2004 I went on a weekend course led by David Shephard, which brought a huge degree of release. It led me to let go of a huge amount of negative emotion, and I have been grateful for that opportunity ever since. Yet on that weekend I also hit a realization that I needed a lot more.

Something which led to me booking in for another of David’s workshops, one which had me hitting a breakthrough of intensely powerful learning which was to rock my world to its core.

During that second workshop, entitled “The Secret Science Behind Success Part II”, I learned a huge amount. Both about life change which yields success, and myself. And while learning a wealth of amazing things which created the foundations of my life now, it was the personal revelations that David helped lead me into through various exercises that brought the most powerful learning.

During one particular exercise I was working on, I pulled out the memory of that nightmarish accident.

It had haunted me for too long, and I knew I had to do something about it.

As I pulled away at the threads, working to the presuppositions of NLP and putting myself at cause, which was both excruciatingly painful to think I had done that, while also amazingly empowering at the same time. A realization and understanding, with a chain of events in evidential proof to support it, flowed in.

I had caused that accident.

On an unconscious level that is. The evidence flowed around me. Memories and understanding flooded through. And it blew my mind. All these little things that had been happening over the years were like little hints. All of which I had just ignored. Until something so life changing happened that I couldn’t ignore them and stubbornly forge on on my intended path.

Life Isn’t Always What It Seems, Sometimes The Goals You Have Are Setting You Up For Something Else

The realization that I should never have been joining the armed forces, was a hard one to swallow.

Having decided around age three, and working towards it since then, building everything on that goal. Enduring bullying and much more for being different, and all the choices I had made to achieve that goal. Seemed crazy.

Yet there I was, looking at all these memories, times I had literally almost died in pursuit of that goal. Which would have had most people turn around and say “I should do something else.” I had just ignored, and ploughed on. My unconscious had been trying to tell me to find a different path, my life purpose, and I had repeatedly ignored it. Until the ACL rupture, one of six injuries which were instant blocks from service at that time, which meant I couldn’t forge on any more.

Powerful Learning That Yielded My Life Purpose, Amazing Life Change And True Fulfillment

As I embraced causing that accident. Thoughts around my true life purpose flowed into my mind.

This was all very knew to me, and exciting in a way I can barely express. Even as I write this I feel it surging up inside me.

The truth was I was supposed to be healing and creating, rather than doing things which were destructive in nature. Do understand this though, I have utmost respect for those who put their life on the line protecting others, it is an incredible act sacrificing personal safety and wellness to protect others.

Yet my role in this life was to help in a different way.

This powerful learning was one of the trigger points for moving into a life of helping others through personal development and personal growth of their own. Reconstructing and developing lives through coaching. Piecing people back together, stronger than ever from nervous breakdown, through breakthough sessions. And so much more.

While taking on understanding that I had caused an accident from which I could never fully recover physically. I had taken on powerful learning that had yielded a level of empowerment, and a life changing opportunity to give more to the world than I had ever believed possible, in a way that was incredibly positive and good. While in some ways I wish that accident had never happened, I have a huge amount of gratitude for that learning and life change that came from it, and the path which has led me to help so many people already in this life.


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