How do we keep our flames burning when the storm of failure is nearly blowing our candles off? Below find 30 answers that will rekindle your spirit towards success.

1. Success goes to those whose interests are in serving, caring and positively impacting the world. ~ @joshokello

2. The window of opportunity is always open to those who dare to try. ~ @joshokello

3. Success is found in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. ~ @joshokello

4. You are either making decisions of success or of failure, only make those that improve your standards. ~ @joshokello

5. Before you master success you have to master failure. ~ @joshokello

6. Our timidity to face our fears is the number one killer of success. ~ @joshokello

7. We are composing a better history of tomorrow by living a pious life today. ~ @joshokello

8. Success is not about how high you can climb but how many people you can help reach the mountain top. ~ @joshokello

9. The easiest way to win is to give more than you take. ~ @joshokello

10. Champions are not born, they are built. Build one in you today. ~ @joshokello

11. Great leaders think with their hearts and see with their minds. ~ @joshokello

12. The guide to humbleness is gentleness, frugality and humility. It is better to have all but if not practice humility. ~ @joshokello

13. The greatest genius to ever roam the surface of the earth is you if you believe. ~ @joshokello

14. The best way to overhaul the void in your life is to believe in your own value, worth and worthiness. ~ @joshokello

15. The only choice we are left with after crushing our fears is success. ~ @joshokello

16. Being defeated is a choice, choose to be undefeated. ~ @joshokello

17. You do not have to reach millions to be a great leader, greatness can be achieved by leading yourself right. ~ @joshokello

18. The easiest way to make the world a better place is to make ourselves better. ~ @joshokello

19. The only time you are allowed to give is tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. ~ @joshokello

20. The quickest way to get to the mountain top is to start climbing now. ~ @joshokello

21. When in rain, don’t just stand and get wet, instead dance, when at war; don’t just stay silent, fight your way to victory. ~ @joshokello

22. Live the legend in you. You are greater than you ever thought. ~ @joshokello

23. Never be too willing to give up. [email protected]

24. Do what you fear, and your fear will fade away. ~ @joshokello

25. Tough times we go through moulds us to be the strongest we can ever be. Appreciate all circumstances. ~ @joshokello

26. The best lesson to learn in life is to know how to live with or without. ~ @joshokello

27. Strive to be the defeater not the defeated. ~ @joshokello

28. Inspire greatness in others and you will get the same back. ~ @joshokello

29. In anything you do, do it as if the entire world depended solely on your efforts for its survival. ~ @joshokello

30. Speculation is the origin of negativity. If you have to speculate, think positive. ~ @joshokello

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