“The Child is the father of Man” the beautiful lines by William Wordsworth is an eye-opener in the realm of parenting.

The Author meant that Men are nothing but a congregation of habits picked up when they were a child but for me, I still have a lot to learn from my two-year-old kid who seems to be my father now.

I as a father have very less to teach my son but he as my son has a lot to show me.

Has anyone of us felt how we start our day and how a small kid starts his day?

He just jumps from his bed to start playing, for grown up like us every day may not be the same, some days we get up with enthusiasm but not all days are the same.

Mostly Monday sucks, every day has to be “Rise and Shine” so is the language of my two-year-old kid.

I really had felt that we do not need so many personality development courses or self-help gurus to emphasise us that “Our purpose drives us “ or the greatest question” what makes you jump out from your bed” that’s your passion!! So many motivational theories.

I just wanted to ask him what makes him jump from the bed but I know that he can never have an answer, perhaps there is no answer. It just it is. Maybe that’s what is life is!

The power of persistence

Everyone has heard many many stories of people who lacked talent and with only sheer determination managed to rise from RAGS to RICHES but has anyone thought about their own kid’s determination?

How many of us really took the time to watch our kids grow? My child when he started walking I see him falling innumerable times but he gets up and does the same again and again.. felt which guys biography he had read? Nothing!! Right?. Did he learn that from me?

We, humans, are gifted with the power of persistence sooner or later we need to realise this and move out of our comfort zone.

People management skills

Smile the most essential part of seduction that a two-year-old kid has.
No matter what atrocities were committed earlier a kids smile will melt people’s hearts. Perhaps this he learned from his father!!!

We are so comfortable when people around us smile back. In our, everyday commute or a day in work people just move away from a person who just refuses to smile.

Beauty is Power; Smile is a sword

-John Ray

Being in motion is Life

My kid just refuses to rest he is just tireless. Always moving has been his mantra.
We become obsessed with desk jobs, and sooner or later we stop moving. When we had stopped moving all sort of pain and diseases possess us. I think we really had to keep running from them.
No need for fitness bands and fitness trackers vibrating in our hands asking me to get up and move.

Love and Kindness without any prejudices

My two-year kid does not share his passion or his kindness with the looks of people or his status or societal image of the person.

He is just non-biased.
We as humans need to look at us and think about how we behave with others. We are too much biased, and even the length of the smile is different for different people.

There is no past and future only the present moment

The kid is not even bothered what has happened before five minutes nor is bothered what is going to happen after one minute.
Every second is valuable, he just lives moment by moment with sheer joy and creativity.

Whatever he does is in the present tense.

Just look at us, we just cannot forget what has happened before one year. Our minds are becoming big mental garbage.”Garbage in Garbage out”. Our past haunts us and our future fear us.
This is the condition of many people around us. We can even consider us Living Zombies. Let us all give it a try to live one hour every day in the present, looks natural but still is one of the most challenging tasks to be undertaken.

So all readers just awaken the kid in you we are also nothing but grown-up kids who just refuse to accept. Have a wonderful life!!

This is dedicated to all wonderful fathers who just love to see their Kid growing, share this if you are one among them!!